How to Apply Blush: Tips to Flatter Your Face Shape

Most people think of blush as being relatively straightforward. It comes with a little brush, and they gently brush it onto their cheeks. Although this works at a fundamental level, you can do so much more with it. For example, you can use blush strategically to enhance your bone structure, but you need to understand how to apply it based on the shape of your face.

First, Find Your Perfect Shade of Blush

The first step is to choose the best shade of blush for your skin tone. If your skin is fair or light, the best shades of blush are peach, light coral, or soft pink. The pink helps you get a more natural look, while the peach tones add some color if your skin is fair with pink undertones. If your skin is light with warm undertones, the peach shades will give you a more natural look, while the pink adds color.

If you have a medium skin tone, you should try a deeper peach, a rich pink, or a warm mauve shade of blush. Those with pink undertones in their skin should look to pink shades for a natural look and peach for added color, while the opposite is true for those with warm undertones.

Finally, people with dark skin should consider blush in deep Fuschia, tangerine, raisin, berry, or warm brown. The Fuschia and berry shades look natural on people with cool undertones in their skin, while the tangerine and warm brown look great on people with warm undertones.

The trick to choosing your shade of blush is to consider the undertone of your skin. When you use a blush color that matches the undertone of your skin, it will look natural. You can choose the opposite if you want a bold look. Warm blushes include brown, tangerine, peach, and coral, while cool colors include pink, raisin, berry, and Fuschia. If you want a more neutral color, mauve is your best bet. Once you have chosen your shade, you need to consider the shape of your face.

How to Flatter a Heart-Shaped Face with Blush

A heart-shaped face is long and has prominent cheekbones. It also has a narrow chin. If you have this face, you should cover your blush brush and knock off any extra blush. You are going to use a “c” shape to apply your blush.

Take your brush from your cheekbone in a rounded pattern towards your temple. You want to use extra blush along your cheekbones and then let it taper off as you approach the temple. Make sure that you blend it well because you are taking the blush beyond your cheekbones. The result is that your cheekbones stand out, and it helps draw attention to your eyes.

How to Flatter an Oblong Face with Blush

An oblong shape is a face where the forehead, cheeks, and jawline are the same width. It is similar to a rectangle. When you apply your blush, you should start in the center or apple of your cheek. Move in a circular motion, and then blend towards your nose and up towards your temple.

It is essential not to bring out your cheekbones because your face shows them off without blush. Instead, the goal is to bring attention to your temples in a way that flatters your entire face and adds some shape to them.

How to Flatter a Square Face with Blush

When you have a square face, you will have a flat jawline and straight sides. The goal of blush is to soften the angles on your face. The key is to cover your cheekbones, starting at the corner of your eyebrow and moving towards the hairline.

You should sweep the blush across your cheekbone, moving from the low side to the higher side. Then move your brush from your eyebrow down towards your nose. Make sure that you blend as you go because this should be a subtle look. Applying blush this way allows you to soften the square shape of your face.

How to Flatter a Round Face with Blush

When you have a round-shaped face, your cheeks are the most prominent and full feature. The best way to apply blush is to look in the mirror and smile. Then you should start in the center of your cheek and brush in an angular fashion towards your temple and your earlobes. The important thing is to stay away from your nose because that will make your face appear even rounder.

When you sweep the blush towards your earlobes and your temples, you will emphasize your bone structure. This is flattering to a round face.

How to Flatter an Oval Face with Blush

When you have an oval face, your face is long with a narrow chin and a narrow forehead. Your goal is to create a definition by drawing attention to the bottom half of your face. The best way to use your blush is to start with the strongest part of your cheekbone and blend towards your earlobes. Then, blend from your earlobes to your temples.

This helps to highlight your cheekbones and frame your eyes. In addition, it makes your face look more defined.

How to Determine What Shape Your Face Is

Sometimes it is hard to know precisely what shape your face is because everyone is a little different. You should start by standing in front of the mirror. First, look to see which part of your face is the widest. Look at your forehead, cheeks, and jaws, and if they are equal lengths, then your face could be oval, round, or square. If your forehead is wider than the rest of your face, you likely have a heart-shaped face.

You need to examine your jaw. If it is rounded, you have a round or an oval face. However, a square jaw suggests that your face is square-shaped. If your jaw is somewhat pointy, you have a heart-shaped face.

Next, you should look at the length of your face. You can imagine drawing a line from one ear to the other and from your nose to your chin. If these lines are equal, your face is round, but if it is longer than wide, it could be any other shapes. You need to consider all of this information to choose the shape of your face.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

No matter what shape your face is, there are some mistakes that you need to avoid. For example, different shaped faces look great with a blush on or above the cheekbones, but you should never apply it below your cheekbones.

Make sure that you blend your blush well. If you don’t blend it, you will have pink or peach-colored lines on it. Make sure that you use a blending brush to blend the blush after you apply it. That said, don’t blend towards your nose if your face is round. It will enhance the roundness of your face.

Final Words

Blush can enhance the shape of your face and help you bring out the features that you want to show off. First, make sure that you choose the right shade of blush, and then blend it according to the shape of your face.