Hussain Rehar Bridal Dresses 2024 Collection at PFDC

Hussain Rehar who presented his bridal collection 2024 PFDC called The 5th Dimension – The memory for the future.


Pakistani Bridal Wear Dresses 2024 exposed by Hussain Rehar who presented his bridal dresses collection known as “The Fifth Dimension – The memory for the future”.

A staunch specialist of appearance through embellishment, Rehar pulls the idea of daring and showy into edgy chic adornment which enables the contemporary women of Pakistan. This year, Rehar’s vision included a mash-up of highly advanced visuals blending plan bold adornment, “The Fifth Dimension”.


The bridal collection 2024 is about being outfitted courageously. The powerful color palette is influenced from the cosmos far within the depths from the universe that symbolizes the freedom one has in modern day fast developing and adaptable era.

Hussain-Rehar-Summer-dresses Hussain-Rehar-Pret-Collection Hussain-Rehar-PFDC-LOreal-Paris-Bridal-Week-2019 Hussain-Rehar-PFDC-LOreal-Paris-Bridal-Week Hussain-Rehar-party-dresses Hussain-Rehar-new-dresses-for-bride Hussain-Rehar-new-bridal-collection Hussain-Rehar-latest-bridal-dresses Hussain-Rehar-latest-bridal-collection Hussain-Rehar-fashion-bridal-collection Hussain-Rehar-evening-wear Hussain-Rehar-dresses Hussain-Rehar-collection-bridal-dresses Hussain-Rehar-bridal-wear-collection Hussain-Rehar-Bridal-dresses-2019 Hussain-Rehar-Bridal-Dresses Hussain-Rehar-Bridal-collection-2019 Fashion-Designer-Hussain-Rehar-Collection Designer-Hussain-Rehar-Wedding-Collection-2019

Iffat Omar took part within the designer’s display like a celebrity showstopper.