Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl 2024 Unstitch Collection

Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl 2024 unstitch Collection follows a variety of digital prints, colours and motifs. Floral lace patterns intricately float over a cream slub shirt that is embroidered with resham embroidery in black thread.Sana-Safinaz-Latest-Shawl-Collection-2021

Safinaz winter wear emerald green Shawl fit for royalty! Kashmiri paisleys Safinaz unstitch dresses and Kashmiri shawl patterns are embroidered over an emerald green slub base with gold threadwork and sequence.


Sana Safinaz winter shawl beautiful gold resounds over the sleeves and back with gold paste printing. Sana Safinaz unstitched 3 piece collections contains woven gold zari shawl in beige, black and gold is finished with a radiant resham border in gold thread over an organza base. Sumptuous and winter read

Sana-Safinaz-ShawlWinter Shawl 2024 Unstitched Fabric encompassing shikhargarh to flora, the mughalesque to minakari, floral lace to chintz, and ethnic Turkish to Kashmiri paisley. The woven shawl is embroidered delicately with cream over a purple base and finished with an organza border in resham cream.


Sana Safinaz winter Shawl catalogue brand’s motifs elegantly thread with each other these carefully design ensembles. Latest winter shawl designs by Sana Safinaz, ready to inspire and emerge winter festivities.


Winter Sana Safinaz shawl collection deep reds for deep winter moods! Kashmiri paisleys and kashmiri shawl patterns resound in gold thread and sequence over a brick red slub shirt. The back and sleeves are slub gold printed with gold paste over brick red. Red brick pants complete the monotone look. A woven gold zari shawl in beige, black and gold has a mesmerizing organza border, worked with resham in gold thread

Sana-Safinaz-New-Shawl-Collection Sana-Safinaz-Latest-Shawl-Collection Sana-Safinaz-Latest-Shawl Sana-Safinaz-Latest-Outfits Sana-Safinaz-Latest-Collection Sana-Safinaz-Collection