New & Easy Small Muggulu Designs 2024 For Sankranthi

Rangoli Designs are extremely known for Indian Festivals such as Makar Sankranthi 2024, New Year, Deepavali, and Dussehra.


Rangoli everbody knows is a “folk” form of artwork. It is recognized by many names in various languages. The Telugu name of Rangoli is ‘Muggulu’, while the Tamil name is ‘Kolam’.

The best thing about muggulu, kolam and also rangoli designs is they all come in various suggestions and ideas. You have a wide selection of sankranthi muggulu designs, chukkala muggulu or rangoli muggulu in the Telugu variety. You can find muggulu designs with dots and often small muggulu designs without having dots.


Certainly the canvas and elegance of sankranthi muggulu styles is massive. That is why, they stay well-known points of interest of the 4-day sankranti festival. It indicates that the happiness of making muggulu is actually vast for this to finish in a single day!


What are hottest about muggulu designs?

Muggulu Rangavalli Designs Telugu 2024 are offered on Androids Apps on Google! Hurray for your mobile-savy Muggulu fans.

The Powder Found in Muggupindi:

So what now is muggupindi?

It is a combination of calcium mineral and /or chalk powder used for making exquisite and distinctive muggu designs.

The muggupindi is a somewhat heavy powder that comes over the wet earth and goes to its form although used. The powder flows “smooth” and “even” as you attracts lines and curves from the muggu designs (that is fantastic).

Throughout festival time, rice flour is utilized to help make the muggu rather than the muggupindi (calcium and chalk powder).

Exactly why thus?

Since rice is viewed as an providing to the sparrows, ants, as well as insects that ideally feed on them.

Call it a vital or a feature, little muggulu designs aren’t developed by unique people, but by commoners. And also the best part is the fact that no formal coaching is required to understand and attain this art. From generation to generation and through friend to friend, the ability of muggu design is contentedly completed.

The Significance of Muggu During Festivals:

Makar Sankranti everbody knows often falls on January 14 – the next day once the Lohri. The Sun’s motion into Capricorn (Makara) multitude is come to be extremely important. In addition, it marks the start of a 6-month time period the auspicious period of Sun’s northern course.

One month ahead of Makara Sankranti is called ‘Dhanurmaasam’. Using the coming of Telugu Dhanurmaasam, each and every house in Andhra Pradesh – be it cities or communities are embellished with white and coloured geometrical designs of muggu.


The idea Behind Muggu:

The way of thinking behind muggu is the month is focused on religious imagining. It might be thought that God enters only those families that are thoroughly clean. Which explains why, it is normal to maintain the front yard of one’s home fresh and with an enhancing muggu. It is as if welcoming God to step in to the house and bless the house and the individuals living there.

So throughout Sankranti, muggu for the women of the home is a whole month exercise because they make additional work to draw gorgeous patterns before their homes, at sunrise.

Because Sankranti festival remembers harvesting, just about all the figures and symbols in the muggu symbolize the sun, the crescent moon, the sugarcane part, coiled serpent along with a pot of mango simply leaves placed in a particular pattern at the mouth from the pot (a sign of prosperity and wellness) across the 4 corners of chariot muggu.

For example of Sankranti Muggulu :

Kalasham Muggu:


Ratham muggu with pick symbols about it:

Ratham-mugguSankranthi muggu:


The chariot (ratham) muggu sketched throughout Sankranthi:

Muggu patterns are massive, they are complex throughout festival months. The temples as well have complicated patterns covering thousands of sq ft. Many women are participating making the sankranthi muggulu designs, rangoli muggulu, chukkala muggulu, appealing to team work with speed.

Group Muggu performance


Kinds of Muggu:

Very best main exceptional characteristic of any muggu design?

It has geometrical designs or dots joined up with by lines or shape which have a mathematical computation.

A muggu design includes that ancient Indian women got a good stability of artistic and arithmetic characteristics that they indicated in the muggu drawing designs.

Let’s get a nearer view of kinds of muggu:

1. Chukkala Muggulu (dot designs):

In this design, dots are organized in a particular sequence. Instead, in a matrix form in which the dots are at the same distance from one another. These spots are linked by either outlines or curves, thus making different muggu styles. Doesn’t this particular look right from geometry type? Without a doubt, it can!

Many chukkala muggulu designs on paper (HAND DREW):


White muggu powder is utilized to make stars, in a matrix of dots which are afterwards filled with colored rangoli powder.


This is why the finished chukkala muggulu looks like.


Interested in how chukkala muggulu completed in plain white rangoli powder resemble when designed in the courtyard of a home?


2. Chukkalu leni Muggulu (Designs without dots):

As moves the name, the spots are lacking. These designs resemble free hand sketches of lines and figure.


Take a look at these illustrations of chukkaluleni muggulu:

3. Tippudu Muggulu (Curved Designs):

It starts with making a matrix of spots (at an the same distance from one another). Then turned chains are made around the spots. Thereby making symmetrical muggu designs.

Ask how tippudu muggulu appears like –

Given that I have accumulated the enthusiasm about rangoli muggulu, let us see how we can make our own innovative energies moving on the floor by means of muggulu designs.

1. Muggulu you may already know is used front of the house morning hours every day. This really is considered a very important element that indicates the ‘inviting’ charm.

2. This Rangavalli used front of the home bears likeness to the whole family. Call this nature-defining or even family-strengthening sankranthi muggulu designs.


3. Take a look Telugu Ranga Vallikalu along with Dots. To make simpler it, muggulu designs along with dots. Does not it look like a good artist’s vision used a vibrant way?

muggulu-designs-with-dotsWatch this video under to have a visible knowledge of how to make floral rangoli design.

Hope your talent for sketching small muggulu styles has got a brand new breathing of one’s.

Which ones are you going to acquire of the ones revealed this Makar Sankranthi?

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