What Are The Truths Behind Mardi Gras Colors?

Mardi Gras is a colorful festival in New Orleans happening every year. It is a full package event with beautiful people, food, and other unforgettable experiences that you can treasure for a lifetime. Nonetheless, lots of visitors coming from different nations participate in the festival’s parade and further activities.

The main colors in the festival are purple, green, and gold which can be noticed during the parade. Each has significant meaning that you will know throughout this post.

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The History of Mardi Gras Colors

It started in 1892 when Rex company organized a carnival parade. The theme is to give meaning to the Mardi Gras colors – purple, green, and gold.

There are still controversies about why Rex chose these colors for the parade celebration. However, in 1872, the city was clothed with purple, green, and gold to honor Grand Duke Romanoff and his family as they visited the city. No more justification but one thing for sure, those colors play important roles in the event.

Errol Laborde, a local historian, has discovered the actual meaning of Mardi Gras colors. As he understood deeply the Rex founders, the idea was like the color symbolism of a flag. That is why each color has its own meaning and they are chosen specifically for a reason.

The Meaning of Mardi Gras Colors

Since the King of the Carnival never stated the reason why balconies are clothed in purple, green, and gold, doing research could help. So, why such colors of all the possible choices? Not just because the Duke liked the color combination so much, but maybe there are more truths behind it. In addition to that, Rex organizers chose colors using the heraldry method for better results.

The following are the meanings of each Mardi Gras color and why they are used in the festival:


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Purple symbolizes royalty and wealth. Back in the Roman century, elite individuals wore purple clothing. It includes the kings and queens, or whoever with great influence in the kingdom. The other meanings of purple are nobility, creativity, and a lot more in connection to having power.

Purple is also one of the dominant colors in the rainbow which denotes strength and power. That is why it is also associated with mystical elements, such as the cosmos and universe as a whole.

It also has to do with sovereignty which the people in New Orleans respect a lot. Moreover, it also links to justice which is the main reason why Mardi Gras hand picked this color.


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Mardi Gras chose green to represent faith. In other countries, like Pakistan, green has been a holy color symbolizing the Muslim nation. Additionally, it was Tulane University who decided to add this color during the Mardi Gras season. It is the kind of faith in relation to showing loyal love. The festival focuses on such a thing making it more interesting.

Like the other colors, green also has a lot of meanings that you should know. The most common is it represents nature and growth.  The color green is something that radiates freshness and also peaceful coexistence.

Green color can also calm the mind. Therefore, when you see a green object, you will feel so relaxed and renewed. You would additionally feel safe, despite the raging emotions you are facing. While darker shades of green are related to wealth.

Green has a wide range of shades, hence there are versatile meanings of it. For example, emerald green is popular in Asian countries producing jade. It gives off financial blessings and abundance.


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Of course, if we hear the word “gold”, it symbolizes no other than power. It is like the pride of the Mardi Gras festival to include gold in the theme. Louisiana State University chose to add purple and gold for the event. Perhaps the organizers saw how prestigious the traditional event is that gold is the top choice among the colors. It fits the festival so well and its origins.

There is much evidence of why gold is a royalty color. First and foremost, gold is the color of king and queen crowns. It also indicates their authority over the kingdom. The best example is the gold statue in the bible that was worshiped by people, showing authority. Second, it indicates the status of a person, like with gold jewelry that is too expensive for anyone to afford.

Mardi Gras Colors in Outfits

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Most of the mardi gras outfits at Charismatico are in colors purple, green, and gold. Since the festival includes parades and parties at night, wearing a nice costume is necessary. You can buy one in the event, however, it is better to get your outfit ready as you book for accommodation. They are available in dance dresses, skirt sets, and many more options. Make sure to choose an outfit that is comfortable and yet stylish to catch more attention.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, Mardi Gras colors are full of meanings that no one can comprehend. It is very historical and mysterious at the same time about what each color represents. The truth is, the rulers picked colors based on heraldry that ended up with purple, green, and gold. They also decided to decorate the city of New Orleans with these colors, until it becomes part of the celebration. Last but not least, there are also outfits in such colors that you can wear to feel like you belong with the people of Munich.