24 Indian Fashion Churidar Neck Designs Catalogue 2024

Churidar neck designs have been in fashion! They current an ideal mixture of style, elegance and flawless exquisiteness. A perfect churidar, despite its excellent colour scheme which matches your own complexion as well as excellent work, will not appear perfect upon you without the suitable neck design/pattern.

Finding the perfect churidar neck design that syncs together with your shoulders as well as bust can pay-off very well through up-scaling your elegance and pizazz quotient. To assist you to best choose suitable churidar neck designs, all of us provide for you main latest churidar neck designs using the body shapes they very best go with

1. Best Shirt Collar Neck Design For Churidars

The collar neck design for churidar neck designs has become a excellent hit almost because forever. This looks very stylish and has an excellent charm.


It appears best when combined with both sleeveless or even 3/4th sleeves, roll-up or half sleeves. This neck design suits individuals with long necks the very best. Women within the healthier part should best prevent this churidar neck designs style

2. Peter Pan Neck Pattern On Churidar Kurtis

Peter Pan collar neck design is a instead new churidar neck designs tendency. It is definitely an impersonation of the neckline usually utilized for women’s shirts.

Peter-Pan-Neck-Pattern-On-Churidar-KurtisPuff sleeves will certainly greatest complement this neck design. This neckline can be useful for almost all entire body types. You can add a conventional touch into it by using jacquard or even brocade cloth. A fresh good option for those who don’t like a lot of pores and skin display.

3. Mandarin Collar Neck Design On Churidar Kameez

Mandarin collar is a different in the collar churidar neck designs style. It is very popular and it is very stylish.


The neckline style goes nicely with A-line or apple cut and even irregular in shape kurta style. It appears best with just about all sleeve designs from absolutely no sleeves to plaid sleeves. This design works well for plus-size women as well. Expand the actual collar style look by causing the kurta a button-down.

4. Off Neckline For Churidar

This stylish churidar neck design gets a motivation from the traditional men’s kurtas and has already been incorporated well in to the woman’s neck designs too.

Closed-Neckline-For-ChuridarIt is far better paired with full sleeves, simply no sleeves and also half sleeves. It may be closed along with buttons or hooks and is decorated along with hand-work or jewels or embroidery. People who have boarder chests ought to best prevent this churidar neck designs style.

5. Impression Neckline Design

It is a new churidar neck designs style that is fast gathering popularity. The inner lining has a heavy neckline however the net above it really is closer to the actual neck, forming an impression of a strong neckline.


This neck design for churidar kurta can be associated with figure-hugging sleeves, regardless of the length. The illusion style is extremely similar to keyhole neckline design. Appears good on nearly every kind of body (just exception becoming pear shaped body). Allow it to be a jewel neck illusion design.

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6. Churidar Neck Styles – Crew Neck Design

The crew neckline can also be referred to as the circular neckline. It is very near to the neck as well as adds class.


This particular neck design for churidar is one of well-known one. It is best suitable with possibly long sleeves or any sleeves. It may be designed in the little princess cut to intensify the bust. This suits big-busted and plus-size entire body types.

7. Boat Neck Design For Churidar

The boat neck design appears is well-known too. If you are an woman with small body sizes then this you are your saving grace in the churidar neck designs division.

Boat-Neck-Design-For-ChuridarIt is also known as the oblong neckline design. It works best for women along with smaller busts as well as small waist size (which can be have wide shoulders). Women with heavy bust size can provide this the miss due to the fact that this neck design has a tendency to extend the dress firmly across the upper chest area, causing the fabric to stick to your bust.

8. Excessive Neck Design

High necks are the in point this winter. All these churidar neck designs look stylish and royal and may come in all spending budget types.

High-Neck-PatternThey look great with complete sleeves, absolutely no sleeves and super adorable with bell sleeves. Provide these a miss within summer. People with lengthy necks will absolutely rock it. Make sure the actual neckline isn’t therefore tight that you will get uncomfortable.

9. High Collar Neckline Design

It’s a style that déconfit collar neck design to V-neck design. Provides an elegant and great look.


10. Treasure Style Neck Design

It is gorgeous, it is distinctive and it’s certain to grab all the spotlight. I guess which says it all concerning this awesome churidar neck design.

Jewel-Style-Neck-DesignDo NOT put on any necklace with this neck design, provided how the style is in itself a wonderfully bejewelled one! Pair the gown with big earrings or open curly hair. The neckline appears better on busty as well as shapely women however can also look solid on females with other entire body types as well.

11. Raglan Neck Pattern For Churidars

Raglan is remarkably well accepted within the churidar neck styles world. Basically a Western style, it’d already been well adopted right here as well.

Raglan-Neck-Pattern-For-ChuridarsThis neck style is excellent to those using broad shoulders. Make sure to employ bright or different colour for your raglan neck pattern to create out the best. This particular design is actually well-suited for all those on the skinnier part.

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12. Circular Neckline For Churidars

This is among the most common type of churidar neck designs. This circumnavigates your neck, and will full the circular neckline.

Round-Neckline-For-ChuridarsThis design is most effective for those along with moderate to heavy busts, as well as works well for women with fairly wider bellies. It normally enhances the form of your upper body and will put in a decent quantity of appeal to it. You will get creative using the yoke region to create up for the simplified neckline.

13. Square Neck Design

For anyone who want to retain it simple but don’t believe round neck churidar neck designs might flatter all of them, this is the blind trusted.

Square-Neck-PatternIt’s simple, stylish and definitely stunning. You don’t require any persuading because you are already persuaded. It reveals your collar region as well as accentuates your own neck bottom. Pair upward with a dupatta used in the choker style to create out the neckline.

14. V-Neck The design of Churidar Kurtas

The popular V-neck doesn’t also need an intro. It’s a traditional that we carry on back to. This design can be worn through anybody. Go ahead and enjoy a much deeper V-neck design in case you are more comfortable with it.

V-Neck-Design-For-Churidar-KurtasThe V-neckline accentuates as well as complements the actual collar bones well. This is a universal design and is paired with all sorts of sleeves.

15. U-Neckline Design – Churidar Neck Design

Folks frequently confuse the U-neck using the round neck or pick neck. A U-neck is anything that’s between two above mentioned neck designs.

U-Neckline-DesignThis one is around for forever and it is a well-liked option. You will use this neck design to your benefit if you are quite busty and even flaunt your own gorgeous top cleavage. But if you act like you don’t like skin display, it’s better to avoid this particular neck style. U-necks are classic and usually a secure bet, just in case you wish to wear it once again in 15 years.

16. Top Placket Neck Design

A top placket is an starting in the neck of the kurta. This one pulls inspiration through the British style and had been used into Indian clothing after independence.

Faux-Neck-Pattern-For-ChuridarYou will use this neck style to permit clothing to be wear or removed very easily, or simply utilize it as a design component. Today, placket neck designs consist of fabric facings or even connected bands to encompass and strengthen fasteners for example buttons, snaps, or zips which can be customized to look awesome or snazzy or even both! The actual placket style does a congrats of not displaying too much pores and skin but still manages to keep that attractive look. This design does not need any dupattas, but if you act like you do want one, set it along with something basically and place it on only one make.

17. Cowl Neck For Indo-Western Churidars

A cowl is a neckline on a woman’s outfit that weighs in covered folds. Draped cowl necklines are usually effective, and they slimmer a lot of figures.

Cowl-Neck-For-Indo-Western-ChuridarsMake sure that the actual churidar kurta is a nicely fit. This accentuates the actual cowl appeal. Absolutely no neck-piece is required within a cowl neck design however, you could set a thin necklace with a crashing cowl neck. Avoid floppy drive pipe designs like bell sleeves or puff sleeves etc.

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18. Deep Square Neck Design

A variation from the square neck design, heavy square neck, (as the name suggests) have a falling neckline. This style can make your own shoulders appear broader. Specific churidar throat designs variants can form the broader square, which beautifully leaves the majority of the upper region from the shoulders uncovered.

Deep-Square-Neck-PatternFor someone having a small bust or/and a pear-shaped entire body, this design works well. Even though it is one of sought-after sleeve design, individuals with heavy busts ought to avoid going for this particular neck pattern on the churidar kurta as it has a tendency to fold at undesirable angles. Pair it nicely with a net dupatta and you are in for an entire new sexy look.

19. Queen Anne Having a Scoop Neckline

Nothing means regal like this neck design. It’s stylish, majestic, mesmerizingly beautiful and it is bound to change heads.

Queen-Anne-With-A-Scoop-NecklineIt is best to not really wear jewelry with this neckline. Prevent wearing dupatta with this particular neck design. This type of neckline suits each inverted triangle as well as hourglass figured women.

20. Portrait Neckline Style On Churidar Kurtas

This one is known as symbol neckline because it structures the clavicles (collar bones) as though in a symbol frame.

Portrait-Neckline-Design-On-Churidar-KurtasThis is among those deep necklines however, not abhorrently so. Broad-shouldered women should avoid this particular neckline. Skinny females might face a issue where the neckline hangs reduce, so it’s best to get it well-fit.

21. Scoop Neck Churidar Kurta For Women

This neckline creates the shoulders look broad. Heavy busted women should avoid it when they do not wish to flatter their own cleavage.

Scoop-Neck-Churidar-Kurta-For-WomenIt helps complementing the shoulder bones, so that you can accessorize with a notable choker necklace or even go bare-necked.

22. Pentagon Neckline Design

As the name indicates, the pentagon neckline is formed like a pentagon. It’s a heavy plunge neckline that all closely looks like the ‘Queen Patrice With A Details Neckline.


This design looks great with full sleeves or any sleeves. Women with flexural figures can draw this off completely. This one suits nearly every figure. You can pair it up having a choker dupatta or perhaps a side flow dupatta.

23. Deep Divide Neckline For Churidar

It’s a neckline that is getting quick reputation. It is just like a split neckline however the divided is much deeper and may extend up to the foundation from the yoke area.

Deep-Split-Neckline-For-ChuridarMake sure you put on a suitable deep jump bra. Dupatta is optionally available as the yoke is generally heavily designed in such necklines. This does appear amazing upon full-chested women however, not so much upon small bust line sizes.

24. Lover Neckline Design

It was a best selling neck style within the previous years, however is currently dying out or being changed through the sheer or impression neck design.

Sweetheart-Neckline-DesignWear the push up bra. However take care to ensure it’s not as well risky to flex. If you do not have an sufficient bosom, possibly fill upward or give this neck style a skip. Style your dupatta within a part drape or in a choker design. Be sure to go simple on the eye shadow.