3 Tips for Choosing Between Nail Wraps and Nail Polish

Choosing the right color of your nails is essential to the overall impression of your appearance. Before you think about shades and color spectrum, you must first get your nails in order. Although we all love to visit beauty salons and enjoy the care of professionals who make us feel like a giant, you can prepare a real manicure at home. In addition, you will be able to spend more money on a new color of nail polish. Besides, you can choose to buy nail wraps and add some texture or design to your nails. These are super handy because they come already done, all you need to do is transfer them to the nail. And this doesn’t require a lot of skills. According to professionals, nail wraps are a perfect solution for those days when you are in need of a quick manicure, but can’t spare the time to make an appointment at the saloon.

But, how to choose between the polish and the wraps? Read the rest of the article and find out.

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1. Decide on what you like better – a plain color or a texture

Nail polish can be a great solution for a quick manicure when you want your nails to be in a single color. Fiery red, Barbie pink, yellow, peppermint green, and lilac are the colors that will mark this spring. Depending on the color of your skin, a different color or shade of the same color will suit you.

On the other hand, if you want some texture, you may need more skills and time. For this purpose, nail wraps are perfect. Floral motifs, letters, and other different designs are great for super cool nails! Fortunately, EzyNails has a huge selection of nail wraps to choose from. Playful roses, cute bunnies, or sea motifs that instantly evoke summer on your nails! There are various motifs for every occasion and every taste!

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2. Assess your manicure skills

Some are super comfortable and successful at applying nail polish, some can never seem to get it to look perfect. If you’re in the second group, nail wraps will be a lifesaver. Whether on the gel, acrylic, or nail polish, simply carefully separate the desired motif from the protective foil and place it on the nail, and press gently. Due to their special coating, the wraps are long-lasting and have a great result, but we still recommend a top coat to make your design perfect. The labels are very thin, which creates an even finish when modeling.

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3. Consider the occasion

When choosing a nail polish color, you should take into account the time of day or occasion – for a daily look, use natural, gentle shades like pale rose or shades that you usually find in French manicure sets. Dark colors shorten your nails, so unless you would like to significantly shorten your nails, you might want to bypass these shades. Also, with dark nail polish, any irregularity on the nail will be obvious and accentuated.

Also, some occasions require plain color, and generally not too much makeup. But, if the occasion allows otherwise, and you would like to go wild with your nails, choose some cool design of the wraps. Wraps are also available in matte and glossy colors.

Nail polish or wraps should suit your overall look, but you should also combine them with the clothes you are currently wearing.

Regardless of the product choice, if you have a business meeting, job interview, or some official event later in the day, choose a light or neutral color, without too many sequins. Leave those for teenage girls and disco divas.

The secret behind a good manicure is the right choice of color. In order for your hands to look perfect, and neat, you need to consider your tan. Having the right nail color that goes along with your tan, is a winning combination. Here’s how you do it…

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• Very light tan

If you have very light skin, you are really lucky because many colors and shades suit you. We often talk about people who belong to this group as winter types, and they like light pink, light, and medium shades of purple and red. Avoid dark shades, especially yellow, green, gold, and dark blue.

• Medium-light tan

A tan that is neither light nor dark can withstand all colors and those with a metallic sheen suit you best. Vibrant and bright colors will further darken your skin, and lighter tones suit you. If you want to impress others, let your collection include vibrant orange, pink and blue, and for an everyday look, we recommend light blue and silver, and the same colors with a metallic sheen, which will perfectly accentuate your natural skin color. Avoid white, dark purple, red, and navy blue.

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• Dark tan

People with darker skin color should choose dark shades of nail polish that will further emphasize the skin. The ideal shades are red, dark green, chocolate, and gold should definitely be in your collection. Avoid orange, white, and silver.

Of course, you don’t always have to blindly follow the rules. If you like a certain color, why not wear it? The only rule you have to strictly follow is that your nails must be clean and well-groomed!

Groomed nails are really a beautiful detail in the overall styling. And if you don’t maintain them in the right way, not only will they not be a decoration, but they can also become infected and cause you a health problem. In addition, the wrong color or shape of the nails can damage your fingers, instead of beautifying them. Hence the importance of maintaining and grooming your nails. When you make sure they are groomed, any technique of your choice will look beautiful on your hands – be it nail polish or nail wraps.