The Rise of the Pakistan Textile Industry

In the world, Pakistan is known as a very conservative and traditional country. Nonetheless, it’s obvious that the people of Pakistan have a great sense of fashion. Fashion doesn’t automatically mean having to reinvent the wheel over and over again – it can also be fine nuances of style implemented in traditional clothing that can please the eye and attest to good taste. While design is important when it comes to fashion, quality is crucial. And the fashion industry of Pakistan proves that tradition, sense of design and quality can go together in perfect trinity. Are you interested in the textile industry? Check textile designer jobs on Jooble.

Why Is Pakistan a Good Place to Manufacture Apparel?


Even though the traditional clothing from Pakistan doesn´t necessarily meet a high demand in the rest of the world, the high standards in the Pakistani manufacturing industry does. That’s why many fashion designers from all over the globe have their clothing produced in Pakistan. But why is Pakistan the perfect place to have fashion manufactured?

Pakistani cotton is known to be of extremely high quality – ranking on place 2 compared to cotton from other countries. Compared to Asian cotton, Pakistani cotton is less expensive. Because of that, fashion designers can save up to 25% when having their clothes produced with cotton from Pakistan. Instead of shipping the cotton from one country to another, many brands decide to move their manufacturing businesses to Pakistan.

That way, they don´t just benefit from the high-quality cotton, but also from the high skills of Pakistani manufacturers when it comes to planning and tailoring. Working conditions in Pakistan are a lot better than in other countries with a similarly high export rate of textiles. To big brands like Nike, it’s all the mentioned advantages together that cause them to have their apparel manufactured in Pakistan.

Traditional Women Designer Clothes

When producing fashion for people in other countries, Pakistani manufacturers tailor what designers have created. When it comes to their own target group within the country, things are a little different. Pakistani designers have a smaller variety when it comes to creative freedom, as there are certain requirements to be met for garment – for women clothing in particular.

Within their limited creative freedom, Pakistani designers succeed to create traditional clothing that doesn’t just meet said requirements, but that also stands out from the crowd.

That’s why Pakistan does not need to hide when it comes to great designers. You can find more information on brands like Khaadi, Generation and more popular Pakistani designers when following the link to bepakistani. In the following sections, you´ll learn about different types of traditional Pakistani clothing.

Shalwar Kameez


Every province has its own traditional shalwar kameez. Still, the principle of the traditional garment is the same throughout the entire country. The ethnic clothes can be worn either for special occasions or as occasional wear – as there are so many variances when it comes to specific designs, possibilities for both manufacturers and wearers are endless.

The shalwar kameez usually comes in beautiful colors like red, green, blue, turquoise or orange. There are basic versions, but also extraordinary ones with delicate embroidery and other kinds of striking adornments. The shalwar kameez is often used as everyday wear, but for the most part, Pakistani women wear it for special occasions. It’s the most typical and traditional type of festive clothing for women.

Printed Khaddar Shirt

The khaddar is also known as khadi. It is shorter than the shalwar kameez, technically rather a long shirt. It can come as a button-up, as a regular shirt or with ribbons that can be tied. Traditionally, the khaddar is made out of fine silk or wool that was spun on a certain spinning wheel. That makes the khaddar a high-quality piece of garment that has a cooling effect on she, who wears it.

Because of the fine material of the khadi, it’s often used as festive clothing. Even more so, if the khaddar shorts are adorned with embroidery, tassels and other beautiful details. Khaddar shirts come in all kinds of intense colors and are therefore good eyecatchers.

Printed 2 Pc Grip Suit


The grip suits come in sophisticated colors such as orange and black. Thanks to their light Pakistani cotton material, they´re the perfect garment for warm weather – trendy and traditional at the same time. They´re possibly the least traditional types of clothing, which is why many women love them.

As grip suits cover all parts of the body that aren’t supposed to be seen, they´re considered traditional clothing and can be worn for any kind of endeavor. Pakistani women usually own different sets of grip suits, as they´re really practical: As the pants and the shirt of the single sets go perfectly together, there is no need to worry about how to combine the single parts.

Dyed Jacquard Top

Jacquard tops are the perfect combination of western and traditional styles. As the tops come in various shapes and designs, they can be easily combined for occasional wearing as well as for special occasions. Some tops are rather laid-back, others are high-fashion blouses.

There are different types of jacquard tops to match different types of occasion. Many of them come with beautiful prints such as paisley, others are adorned with dreamy embroidery. That makes jacquard tops a must-have for Pakistani women, who put emphasis on their visual appearance.



Countries in the Middle East are also known for their opulent jewelry, which is why many designers decide to have their gold and silver jewelry produced by Pakistani manufacturers. While traditional Pakistani jewelry used to feature a lot of gold and many gemstones, modern jewelry combines understatement and opulence in a way that is unique for Pakistan. That way, Pakistani women get to wear pieces of jewelry that are humbler but traditional at the same time. The development has also caused designers from abroad to become interested in the way Pakistani jewelry brands do it.

That’s why, nowadays, many foreign brands don’t just do business with Pakistani textile manufacturers, but also with jewelers. They know that Pakistani jewelry is synonymous to high-quality jewelry.