6 Beauty Salon Furniture Trends For 2024

Every salon needs furniture that would reflect the theme and create a cohesive look to create a cool, cozy, and homey design that elevates the space. And whether you may be buying a new set of furniture for a new establishment or just renovating your space, it’s important to pay attention to the style, color, and design you may need.

As new trends tend to crop up every year, you must stay updated to keep your salon looking fresh. The advantage of trends is that you can choose a style from different options depending on your preferences.

However, numerous trends may be confusing, and settling on a choice can be hard. As a result, we have combined the best beauty salon furniture trends for 2024 that are sure to get your salon looking the best.

1. Minimalism

Source: comfortel.co.nz

The minimalistic design trend has grown in the past few years, with more people embracing it, especially when it comes to beauty salon furniture. In addition, this trend is a great aesthetic that’s conducive for beauty salons that need extra space without losing the visual appeal. You can get style inspirations from salonfurniture.co.uk.

When embracing a minimalistic design, you may need to begin by decluttering and organizing. Decluttering means going through every storage space and getting rid of items that aren’t useful anymore. Although decluttering may seem like a daunting task, you can use this time to organize everything into strategic places.

In addition, you can get salon stations that are identical to each other, creating a minimalist feel and look. Remember to get stations with hidden storage instead of shelving that makes everything visible.

You may also consider using neutral colors that tend to be considered minimalistic and can be weaved into décor and other furniture elements. If you carry retail items, carefully plan their storage solutions so it doesn’t interfere with the minimalist theme.

2. Curves and Arches

Round shapes just made a comeback with more people embracing curved-edged designs in salon furniture. Curved shapes help to soften the feel and bring more practicality and comfort without compromising the look, feel, and beauty.

Most beauty salons tend to be boxy or square-shaped, and incorporating round shapes will take the edge off. As a result, you can opt for seats with curved designs for a more sophisticated look that elevates space.

3. Earth Tones

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These tones contain colors rooted in nature and tend to be soothing, versatile, and subdued. One key color that has come into the trend for beauty salon furniture is green, which draws inspiration from the outdoors and makes the interior homey.

Keep the green color subdued for a calming and cozy effect to maintain visual interest. You can play around with green hues on different furniture by ensuring that it creates a cohesive look and sticks to the theme.

4. 70’s Retro

Seventies retro-styled furniture is back in style, with more people loving the end look of retro furniture. This style is perfect for beauty salons as the seats encourage a relaxed seating position for clients who will spend hours on those chairs.

In addition, these pieces have an abstract feeling that is characterized by great shapes and contoured backs, which gives the space a better look. This style is also versatile and doesn’t have restrictions on the color palette you may want.

As a result, you can use different hues on the furniture and create a cohesive feel. For instance, you can choose a primary green hue for the larger furniture and a complementing green one for the smaller ones.

This way, you’ll be creating balance where the two hues won’t be competing with each other and leading to a clashing. The retro style creates nostalgia, and finding furniture such as scoop stools will ensure you get the right dosage.

The advantage of retro-style furniture is that it may not go out of style, with a considerable demand going up in the modern era. In addition, you may be guaranteed uniqueness as the designs usually vary depending on your preference.

5. Cottage Core

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Cottage core style is a trend that emphasizes comfy, countryside home and coziness in its design. This aesthetic is inspired by nostalgia and the need to escape into the cool and inviting countryside in the beauty salon.

To achieve cottage core styled furniture, opt for vintage ones that’ll give the same effect and are in trend. Vintage-styled furniture creates a unique look thanks to its individuality and style that can’t be achieved by modern furniture.

You can opt for a specific era with vintage furniture pieces and get a full set of settle-for furniture from different eras and mix them all for a cohesive look. You may also get vintage furniture at a cheaper price and remain within the trends.

Vintage furniture is very high quality and is guaranteed to serve you for a long period without going out of style. Additionally, vintage styles have been in trend for a while without the thought of fading off anytime soon.

6. Light And Airy

If you are working with a tight space, going for light and airy furniture will be a great way of creating a visual increase of the room. And although most people shy off from using bright colors for impracticality, they are now embracing it even in beauty salons.

This style creates a classic, luxurious and elegant feel that makes it look less bulky. With light and bright furniture, you’ll create a spacious and bright feeling that makes breathing easier.

This type of furniture will also guarantee your clients the level of cleanliness being upheld. You may gain trust with your clients, who may suggest your beauty salon to other interested parties.

Bottom Line

Source: comfortel.com.au

When decorating your beauty salon isn’t about placing furniture for the sake of it but rather thinking it through before settling on a trend. Your furniture should be able to match the interior theme in terms of hues, colors, and texture.

As a result, you should consider the different trends and consider your preference before settling on a trend that fits you. The trend you choose should also cater to the comfort of your clients as they’ll spend a lot of time sitting.