12 Different Saree Draping Styles Designs for Women

Sarees are often the most ethnic but stylish dress you can compose. As well not everybody does saree drapes the same exact way. Whether the bridal sarees which are completed with pleats as well as airy chiffon sarees which have a floaty drape. As well ethnicities and traditions explain different draping styles such as a Maharastrian drape, Gujarati drape. All these cultural drapes are popular kinds of sarees such as silk sarees or designer sarees. Let’s look at 12 different saree draping styles which you can look for weddings and also other parties.


1. Pleated Saree Drape

The pleated saree drape is popular drapes which we find. Whether in bridal Kanjeevaram sarees as well as heavy designer sarees pleated drapes function completely. The best coveted saree for the pleated drape however are cotton sarees. You can’t deny the beauty which pleated cotton sarees having a high neck blouse can provide.


2. Float Or Casual Saree Drape

Here is the best drape to acquire and to carry off. Pattu sarees, light weight sarees, net sarees essentially lots of sarees can be covered delicately having a pin or pin getting the pallu. For any wedding guest saree this might be a fantastic choice of drape as you can look casual and relaxed in these heavy sarees. Once you drape a saree of slim fabric such as chiffon or georgette or net sarees look at back open blouses or zipper blouses. Top open blouses never provide a fantastic influence.


3. Best Gujarati Style Saree Drape

A well liked drape, even though traditionally used by Gujarati women, this particular Gujarati style drape is a head to option for most. Bridal sarees have realized these as a beloved with whether short or a long pallu. Our choices for this drape would be Banarasi sarees, Bhandini sarees, Patola sarees, Leharia sarees having a short pallu.



4. Pant Design Saree Drape

A stylish saree drape which is busting charts is a pant style saree draping. Simple to wear and appears fashion. Ideal for party sarees and cocktail dresses for wedding guests. Like a bride this is an option as mehendi wear.

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5. Dhoti Style Saree Draping

Dhoti style saree draping is extremely for a pant style saree and it is huge mix of custom and contemporary. Dhoti sarees are actually prominent by beautiful stars such as Samantha, Shilpa Shetty and Sonam Kapoor that have used and reeleds this saree drape.


6. Belted Saree Drape Design

Belted saree ornament is probably inspired through our traditional waist cycle on bridal sarees. Test a thin belt, broad belt or even a fabric belt. Have influenced by these celebrities as well as choose your look now.


7. Saree On A Skirt

You can get a saree on pants obtain on a skirt or even a lehenga? The skirt saree is certainly an fascinating drape. Ideal for bridal sarees, bridesmaid sarees and even wedding guest sarees. It includes saree draped in the distinctive way over the skirt or even a lehenga.


8. Beautiful Lehenga Style Saree Draping

Think you need to wear your saree like a lehenga? Nicely, that is feasible. Having a simple drape of planning one pleats throughout your waist line as well as taking pallu both the normal way as well as Gujarati way there is a fancy lehenga to wear without having cutting up your selected saree!!


9. Chic Bengali Style Saree Draping

The particular red and white special sarees are extremely beautiful in this different drape. How they place the keys on the end from the pallu to finish the actual Bengali ornament is so amazing. You can test it out within their special length saree or even within a normal saree, obviously Bengal cottons best option for this.


10. Maharastrian Style Saree Drape

Nauvari Sarees will be the specialized of Maharastra such as the sarees used by Priyanka and Deepika within the song Pinga from Bajirao Mastani. It really is complicated drape having a longer length saree and appears so gorgeous. They set it using the traditional nosepin that is one more should have item.

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11. Vintage Saree Draping Styles

If you are thinking about a vintage pattern for the pre wedding, make sure that your bridesmaids check out this vintage saree drape. Appearance superb in georgettes and also chiffon sarees along with bling inside them.


12. Scarf Style Saree Draping

When you wish to wear your saree all around your neck, you need to simply do this it is quite the pattern. You can create it appear such as a scarf, include many glam into it with a belt and many cool accessories!!


These 12 saree drapes can be utilized bridal sarees, Banarasi sarees, heavy work sarees, Kanjeevaram sarees, chiffon and all types of light weight sarees also. Perform inform us your chosen saree draping style!!