The Hottest Running Shorts for Men

Working out should serve two primary purposes: you should feel good, and you should look good. Not only will working out itself help you to look your best, but some of the hottest clothing pieces out there are athleisure. 

As more and more people are getting into fitness, this year workout clothes are becoming better and more stylish. Whereas typically, men’s running shorts have been oversized, loose, and baggy, thankfully, more slim and smart options are available. 

The material is important

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a new pair of running shorts is the material. Not only do you want them to be made of a high-quality material that will keep their shape when washed but, for a running short in particular, you want them to dry quickly. 

They should always also be as lightweight as possible. This will allow you to have maximum comfort and freedom of movement. There is nothing worse than heavy and uncomfortable shorts when you are out for a run.

Antimicrobial fabrics

If you are sweating a lot in your workout clothes, you also want them to remain as clean as possible. This means that an antimicrobial fabric is preferable. A wide variety of materials can have this feature, meaning that you can search for a fabric that you love and that you know is comfortable for you.


Workout clothes should be as comfortable as possible. Since you will already be uncomfortable, or at the very least, tired, you should aim to make yourself as comfy as you can from the workout. By choosing fabrics that are not restrictive and have four-way stretch, you can ensure that you will be happy to wear your workout clothes for a long enough period.

The design

Everyone wants to look good when they are working out. That is why not only should you consider your comfort when choosing running shorts for men, but you should also make sure you look good. Choosing the hottest running shorts for men can be tricky, but by opting for a slimmer fit, you can look put together even post-run!

Choosing the right length is also essential – almost nobody looks good in short shorts! But, at the same time, long, baggy running shorts are certainly a thing of the past. Choosing an appropriate length can add to the class of your look. The idea is that you will still look presentable enough to meet other people while wearing your workout gear. 

The bottom line

Choosing suitable workout shorts can make you feel good. And when you feel good, you do good. So, you can elevate your runs simply by selecting a hot pair of running shorts.

There are a few simple things to consider: the cut, the fabric, and the weight. All of these things will help both with your overall comfort as well as helping you to look stylish when out for a run.