Your 5 Point Fashion Plan for a Casino Visit

Many casinos and gaming establishments have been open for a while now after the imposed shutdown prompted by Covid-19. reveals more than 130 casinos were operating across Great Britain at the end of 2024, down from 156 pre-pandemic. Many were hit hard by the closures, but they’re now working hard to bring in new customers.

That might be through promotions or special offers, or an expensive refit. Either way, a casino night is now back on the cards and something increasing numbers of people are likely to enjoy. Whether as a group of friends, a couple or just on your own, a trip to a casino offers excitement and a chance to get dressed up for the occasion.

As explains, the question of what to wear bothers women at work, and of course, it is the same for a night out. It might not be such a big question for a trip to a nightclub or a restaurant, but a casino? That’s a different matter altogether. Luckily, we’ve got a handy five-point plan to get you all kitted out for a night in front of a card dealer.

1. Work Out Why You Are Going?


Why are you going to the casino? That’s the first question to ask yourself. If you’re going for a few drinks and wandering from table to table socialising and having a laugh, you’ll likely want to glam up as a group, as you would for any night out. If you’re going for the gaming, looking to win a few hands of poker or improve your game, then there’s a practical element to consider.

Think about a game of poker; if you’re playing for proper money, the game could go on for many hours. Poker is not just a game of luck, but there’s a strong element of skill combined, according to, which means you’re unlikely to only be at a table for a few minutes, especially if you’re following poker guides and strategies. That means you’ll need to be comfy; are six-inch heels and a dress right for such an occasion?

Or, they could be perfect because poker is also about bluffing, and the more people are looking at your attire, the less they’re able to work out your tells. It’s a minefield; it really is. Whatever you’re doing, make sure you have a good grasp of why you’re at the casino before planning your outfit.

2. Check the Casino’s Code


Your fashion choices might depend on where you’re going and what they demand you wear. Gone are the days when you were told to wear something in a sexist manner, but there may still be a dress code you need to adhere to, either a formal one or an assumed dress code.

The former is easy to find out; simply look on the casino’s website and see if they demand you wear certain clothes. You tend to be told what not to wear these days, rather than something restrictive and assumptive such as ‘cocktail dresses’. Usually, it’ll be along the lines of ‘no jeans, no trainers’, or similar. However, that doesn’t give you the whole picture.

Be sure to check out the casino’s Instagram page or other social media outlets to get a feel for what people wear there. You might have an outfit in mind, but it could be too showy or too understated for the casino, even though that isn’t in their dress code; By checking out their socials, you’ll understand how others dress and can change accordingly.

3. Stay On-Trend


What strikes you about the casinos you’ve seen in the news or on television? They’re all trendy, with fashionable people looking good. Whether you’re in a famous venue in Monte Carlo or throwing dice in a Manchester venue, that’s usually the case. Therefore, whatever the dress code, whatever games you wish to play, you’re going to want to look trendy.

It’s easy to do elegant, stylish and glam, but perhaps not so easy to do comfort and style combined, so once you’ve ticked the first two boxes from our list, this is perhaps the most challenging moment for choosing your attire. For example, leather trousers are very cool in 2024, but will they be comfortable enough for you around a poker table? Maybe a blazer dress will suit you better, or some stylish loose trousers?

4. Can You Accessorise?


We’ve already ascertained a casino can be trendy, but it can also see people want to make big statements, and there’s no better way to do that than with accessories. Jewellery can make a bold statement, both in terms of your outfit and, of course, your apparent wealth. Do you wish to appear ostentatious and decadent to create the illusion of a high roller? Perhaps, that’s your call to make.

Also, going back to the poker game, you may wish to use accessories to mask yourself as much as possible. Glasses will help hide some of your tells, as will other additions to your outfit. You may feel that the more you cover-up, the less people can tell about your body language. It’s a fine balance, and your accessories will doubtless be dictated by your reason for being in the casino.

5. Who Are You Going With?


This might not be the most important point on our list, but it is worth bearing in mind. If you’re going to the casino with girls from work, having a ladies night on the tiles, then you’re all going to glam up and look as good as possible. That might prompt you to go all-in on your outfit, but what if you were going on a first date? Perhaps then you’d be a little more reserved, dressing in a more cautious, albeit attractive manner.

Maybe you’re going with in-laws or other family members, so again you’d adjust your outfit to suit. It might sound like a lot of trouble, but the truth is this is a process many go through for any event, be it at a casino, restaurant or anywhere else.


Dressing for a casino is a tricky business. Some of the points we’ve made apply to all manner of social occasions; others are specifically linked to the tables and slot machines of a casino floor. The main thing is to make sure you’re comfortable and have a good time whatever you wear.

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