Firdous Digital Printed Khaddar Shirt Collection 2024

Pakistani textiles shine in life world class fabrics and also the khaddar this is what most ideal for women in winter because of its loose and flabby soft nature and love. Firdous Khaddar Collection has spectacular digital print designs which are really worth buying for certain.


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Modern stitching approaches utilized on magnificent color toned fabrics choose this collection fascinating for women. Long loose cloak shirts along with casual trousers drizzled with vibrant hues and featuring clear stitching lines are stylish for this winter and provide great deal to put on.

Firdous, has a great news for its style enthusiasts as the brand has introduced printed khaddar collection 2024 for Women. The grand collection as well available in all Firdous outlets. Firdous printed khaddar shirt 2024 for girls contains different range of dresses designs in various shades variant.

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Firdous Khaddar collection includes beautiful digital printed dresses and also a few of the embroidered work also contains on shirt border, necklines along with sleeves. Finest khaddar fabric is utilized in this collection for trendy winter season.

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