What Do Bridesmaids Wear To A Black-tie Wedding?

What should you do if you are invited to a wedding with a black-tie dress code? And how should you actually dress if you have an important role at a black-tie dress code wedding?

Is there the safest bridesmaid dress style or color for a wedding like this? If you’re a fan of the elegant and glamorous aesthetic, you can check out ChicSew‘s timeless designs and choose exactly what you’ve always wanted to wear to a wedding.

But what exactly does a black-tie wedding mean? This is a concept of elegant clothing, that is, all female guests wear elegant long dresses made of quality materials, while the men are in suits, or tuxedos, depending on personal preference.

If you are invited to this kind of wedding, you would surely want to bring your appearance to perfection. Of course, you can find inspiration at ChicSew UK or recent fashion shows and red-carpet looks. The only thing that is different from the trends is actually the classic look and elegance.

And these are some of our recommendations for what dress to choose:

1. Long chiffon dress in a neutral color

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Chiffon is a light textile and you will neither be hot nor cold in it. It is great for an elegant look and easily adapts to any body shape. Chiffon dresses usually have a free fall, without strict cut lines.

With this dress, you can wear high heels as well as low heels, especially if you prefer comfort above all.

If you are a bridesmaid at the wedding, then you will probably need to color coordinate with the rest of the bridesmaids. You can also match the model, but of course, avoid bright colors that resemble the white dress of the bride.

In fact, you can always choose a shade of pink, blue, light green, yellow, or even an orange or brown shade.

2. Strapless dresses

You can follow whatever pattern you want, but without straps or sleeves. These dresses look great on tall girls. Just be careful if you have large breasts because the dress should stay on you.

You certainly wouldn’t want to spend the entire evening correcting the placement, or fear that it might reveal more than it should.

You can choose different colors but try purple. This color is beautiful and resembles the luxury and aristocratic impression.

3. Cocktail dress

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As this is a black-tie dress code, casual cocktail dresses are probably not appropriate for the occasion. However, you can use a knee-length model, over which you will wear a matching cape or blazer.

There are exceptional situations in which you can avoid the code requiring wearing a floor-length dress. In such situations, formal cocktail dresses are the right choice for you.

4. A long dress that follows the line of the body

From the torso to the knees, this dress follows your line. From the knees down, it falls freely and makes you move refined and elegant.

You can choose a completely simple and monochromatic model and you certainly won’t go wrong with black or dark blue. In fact, you can go with dark green and even purple. You only need to be careful to choose a textile that will not easily show sweat stains.

Combine with elegant sandals, classic stiletto shoes, and of course, your favorite jewelry, for example, pearls.

5. Mermaid dress

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Mermaid dresses are usually the choice of brides, but they can also fit perfectly into the look of the bridesmaids. Of course, the most important thing is that they don’t look like wedding dresses. Choose a model that suits your figure, but do not overdo it with details. However, the cut of this dress contains many elements and you would not want to look like the wedding cake.

6. Dress in lace and corset

The top with lace or unique embroidery, while the chiffon or satin skirt is a great model that looks great on almost all body types.

You can choose a dress with straps, with sleeves, or without sleeves. The most important thing is that it doesn’t look like the upper and lower parts belong to a different model. In fact, the colors should be compatible. If the lace is very different, then it may happen that you are not satisfied with your appearance.

7. Satin long slit dress

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Slit dresses are usually knee-length, but you can find a similar model with a longer cut.

You can never go wrong with this model, especially if you are naturally thin. Choose satin, because this material goes best with the slim cut of the dress.

8. One-shoulder dress

With these dresses, you always play it safe. There is nothing more elegant than a bare shoulder, while on the other side the dress turns into an elegant ribbon, or just merges into a delicate strap.

Again, go for a neutral and non-offensive color option, such as dark green, purple, pink, or one of the earth tones.

9. Off-shoulder dress

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Off-shoulder models can look great. It’s just up to you to choose whether you want a model that follows your silhouette, or you would go with an A-line cut.

No matter what you choose, again the rule applies that the colors should coordinate with the other bridesmaids, and of course, don’t wear a white dress.

10. Long velvet dress

Velvet is back in fashion in many ways. So, choose a dress model made of this material. And as for the color, you could go with a classic black, navy blue, or burgundy shade.

Combine with classic stiletto shoes and wear a casual hairstyle. And of course, try to shine less than the bride, because she is the star of the evening.

Did we help you find your favorite model? Maybe you already had an idea but didn’t know what color you would like. Or, you didn’t know what kind of material would be best for the occasion. We hope we have at least made this process a little easier for you. We wish you have the best time at the wedding and have fun all evening.