9 Wedding Video Invitation Ideas for Your Wedding

If you want to delve into the colourful culture of India, then there is no better occasion than a wedding. Indian weddings are full of pomp and show. It’s lavish and entertaining. In other words, each wedding is a festive season for an Indian.

We want all our loved ones to be part of it on such a big occasion. Traditionally, paper invitations have been used and are still used in almost all weddings. However, as we know, technology has influenced every aspect of our lives, and wedding ceremonies are not an exception. As a result, people have started avoiding paper invitations and have replaced them with a relatively modern version of them, i.e., video invitations. This article shall list nine video wedding invitation ideas for your wedding. This will make your job easy!

Here are some exciting video invitation ideas that you can follow.

1. The trailer/teaser wedding invite

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Indian weddings are grand events, no less than a movie release. Just as a movie trailer sets the stage on fire with all the excitement, so does a teaser video for your wedding invitation. The trailer should be such that it does justice to the grand event. The video should have all the relevant themes, such as a team bride, a team groom, music and dance snippets, costumes, colour, etc. Since this is the biggest event of your life, you wouldn’t like to be holding back anything. So, give your best, keep no pomp, and show back; let the trailer be as good as an actual movie trailer.

2. An animated explainer video

It can be used to depict your and your partner’s relationship more vividly. You can describe your first date, your first proposal, your first vacation, etc. This will be eye-candy and a beautiful sight for all those watching the video invitation. Without a doubt, this will set the tone for the event, and everyone watching will want to be a part of it. For this, you would require professionals or experts, and you may have to hire them for the time being, but it is worth it. If you plan to do the editing yourself, consider using an appropriate wedding invitation video maker like InVideo.

3. Depicting the wedding tradition

Indian weddings are full of traditional values. This is one of the very important times in the life of an ordinary Indian where he becomes acquainted with his culture and traditional values. Since India consists of many subcultures, each differing from the other as per the region, it can be used to depict the diversity of wedding rituals, clothing, foods, etc. You can depict both North and South Indian traditions beautifully. This will be an eye-catching video, covering all the rituals like the Haldi ceremony and the Teeka ceremony, along with the music and dance forms being performed in the background. You can also display the groom’s and bride’s dresses.

4. Destination wedding video invite

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If you are having a destination wedding, you can display the venue, take shots of the scenery, and generalise about the entire place. This will make the guests excited. Like, who wouldn’t want to attend a big fat wedding at a beautiful destination? With these and other relevant stuff tuned in, you can have a magical “save the date” wedding invitation video for your destination wedding.

5. Slideshow video edits

They are very good at portraying good and old memories. Through this, you can create a timeline of your love saga in the form of an animated slideshow invitation. It will refresh all your memories and give new life to your video invitation. Consider using this video type, especially when all your memories are saved in picture format. With some music in the background, relevant effects tuned in, and all the great memories, finishing up with the proposal snap, it can be heart-warming for your folks, so definitely consider this one.

6. Enacting your own story

There will be no better video theme than to enact your own love story in your video invitation. All your friends will be curious to know about your love story, your first meeting, proposal, commitment, vacations, etc., and what better way to present it than to enact it yourself? You guys will be winning hearts all over, even before your wedding, and it will evoke another level of excitement in people’s minds. They would want to come and see the love story get fruitful in the form of your wedding. Make sure to make it full Bollywood style so that if either one of you has a fantasy of becoming an actor, they can fulfil it just before the wedding.

7. Being concise

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It would allow you to list all the necessary information because your guests must have all the necessary information beforehand. To avoid overloading the videos with irrelevant content, they don’t miss out on the important ones. So just focus on giving the essential details and stick to the point.

8. Caricatures video

Caricatures are a unique video invitation. Here you add the bride and groom’s animated cartoons into the video. It looks creative and will be heart-warming and adorable for your folks.

9. Stop motion video

This will be unique and cute at the same time. There are a lot of things you can do with them. You can have a text video or a picture video, or both at the same time. Show your love story by adding pictures or letters. It will be loved and appreciated by everyone.


A wedding video invitation is a smart move. Knowing that almost everyone these days is on the internet, it becomes easier to connect instantly and invite them to your wedding, even if they are living abroad. However, if it was the traditional paper invitation, it would not only have been inconvenient but also exhausting considering the relatives living in distant places. In this respect, video invitations are efficient and quick at disposition.