5 Mistakes You Can’t Make When Applying Makeup

For a beautiful beauty, ban these bad habits of your makeup routine.


1. Choose A Sun Powder Not Adapted To Its Complexion

The powder sun, also called bronzer, bronzer or terracotta, is the ally of a nice tan. But for a subtle and controlled result, it is essential to choose the right product for your complexion. Your skin is matte or has yellow sub-tones? Head to the powders with golden shades. If your skin tone is pale, with pink undertones, choose matte tanners that are easier to melt.


2. Apply Makeup with the Wrong Brushes

We do not apply his lipstick with the same brush that we use for the eyes. The nature of the hair varies according to the area of the face and the desired intensity. Natural hair is soft and used to apply powders (face and eyes). Synthetic bristles are more rigid: they are perfect for applying your cream textures (anti-ring, lipstick) with precision.


3. Put A Foundation Too Light or Too Dark

Choosing a foundation a hair darker than its skin tone to get a nice tan is clearly not a good idea. The foundation serves only one thing: to unify and hide the imperfections. So be sure to always choose the shade that exactly matches your skin tone. To find the one you need, do not hesitate to go to the store to test the product. Drop some material, not on your wrist, but on your maxillary down a little in the neck. If there is no demarcation, it’s good! To warm up your complexion, finish with a little bronzer and blush.


4. Stretch the Eyelid to Make A Line Of Eyeliner

This is the best way to get a deformed and irregular stroke. The unstoppable technique to succeed his line of liner? Start by tracing the tip of your liner, at the outer end. Then leave this point to draw a delicate line towards the inside of the eye, following the flush of the eyelashes. Fill the day and add a touch of mascara.


5. Apply Too Much Mascara

To avoid packets, avoid multiplying layers of mascara. Better, get two mascaras, one for the lengthening effect and another one for the volume and apply them afterwards, without exceeding 5 to 6 layers.