Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Make You Look Younger?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a therapy that involves the inhalation of pure oxygen and is used in the treatment of various conditions. Some of the examples are decompression sickness that occurs in divers, air bubbles in blood vessels, wounds that do not heal, but also restoration of skin elasticity and giving a youthful appearance to older people.

The therapy takes place in a chamber where oxygen is released under controlled conditions, in order for the patient to inhale as much as possible. Blood cells transport oxygen to all parts of the body and improve recovery from illness.

If you check on the website you will understand clearly how the whole thing works, and how it affects your overall health condition.

This was the general information you have to know about this therapy, so we can continue with more detailed explanations of it.

Which conditions can we treat with HBOT?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a very common treatment for various conditions such as wound healing, diabetic ulcers, chronic pain, and even cancer. The procedure involves delivering 100% pure oxygen at pressures exceeding atmospheric pressure.

HBOT is known to increase blood flow and improve the oxygenation of tissues. This increases capillary density and improves the rate of cell proliferation. In addition, it promotes tissue regeneration and reduces inflammation. That’s why people who underwent this treatment may appear younger than before. The rejuvenation is so visible, and we can’t deny the fact it is somehow a beauty treatment, as an addition to therapy.

Studies show that the procedure can reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and skin discoloration. It also helps prevent sun damage. HBOT has gained popularity over the last decade for its ability to rejuvenate skin and accelerate healing from wounds.

Even though there is no scientific proof that HBOT rejuvenates skin and improves appearance, a number of studies suggest that it can reduce scarring, increase collagen production and stimulate cell regeneration.

So, we can say that looking younger is a byproduct of HBOT, not a direct treatment. But, many beauty experts and aestheticians are looking for a way to incorporate this treatment into their regular practice.


What’s the expected result from HBOT?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy does seem to reduce pain and inflammation associated with chronic disease states such as osteoarthritis, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis, and this likely explains why some patients report feeling less tired after HBOT sessions.

Still, these claims need further scientific research, so we can get to know the expectations better.

Even though oxygen treatments aren’t something new in medicine, they become more and more popular among users. Many think that breathing in pure oxygen can have a positive effect on their overall health.

The truth is that it’s a particular disease treatment, and healthy people shouldn’t do this one alone. Even if you need it as a beauty treatment, you must consult with a doctor or practitioner, so you can determine the risks, and see if you are an eligible patient.


Do we really FEEL younger after hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

From all that we have said, it is quite expected that there are already licensed beauty centers where this therapy is performed. We must emphasize that this happens under strictly controlled conditions.

As we have already said, this therapy treats many diseases. Beauty treatment is also under controlled conditions. Oxygen stimulates cell renewal, which increases collagen in the skin. When our body is exposed to oxygen, the collagen levels in the skin layers are also restored. Well then imagine what happens when you are exposed to 100% pure oxygen.

In addition to stimulating collagen production, blood vessels become more elastic, blood moves faster and visible signs of aging are delayed.

Many will say that only the visible signs of aging are addressed in this way. We would say that at the same time they are right, but they are not. Knowing that oxygen treatments affect many levels, it does not exclude internal effects either. After the treatment, in addition to looking younger, you’ll also feel younger.

But as we warned, cosmetic treatment is different from hospital treatment and is performed under the control of certified experts.


Are there any additional effects of HBOT?

So far we have talked about treating diseases and cosmetic interventions using pure oxygen therapies. But we must also add that you can feel how your muscles and joints work better after this kind of therapy. Oxygen is a basic human need, so it’s no wonder we function better when exposed to larger amounts.

We can also say that it has positive effects on mental health, concentration, memory, attention, and so on.

You can feel yourself getting healthier with each breath. That is actually the expected result of this therapy.

Health problems treated with HBOT

Earlier in this article, we mentioned only a small part of the health problems that can be treated with oxygen. However, we can add several other conditions for which hyperbaric oxygen therapy gives excellent results. These include carbon monoxide poisoning, sudden deafness, bone injuries, burns, skin infections, gangrene, radiation injuries, brain trauma, sudden vision loss, anemia, and so on.

It is also often used in patients who have been lying down for a long time and have developed decubitus wounds.


Are there risks of HBOT?

Like any therapy, this one has risks and potential side effects. You may experience fainting, blurred vision, temporary hearing loss, and in extreme cases, oxygen poisoning or low blood sugar.


Knowing all these things, we must say that you must be careful with HBOT, no matter how useful it is for your health. It shouldn’t be your primary choice for beauty treatment but can be a nice addition to your routine.

If you choose hyperbaric oxygen therapy for skin rejuvenation, we suggest finding a certified studio and experts who can properly work with the chambers. Even though the risks are not really likely to occur, you shouldn’t ignore them.

If the therapy is done properly, the risks and side effects are less severe.