From Classic To Contemporary: A Dive Into Sunglasses Brand Diversity

Sunglasses have become a compulsory accessory for most people. Popular brands are trying to develop unique and advanced features as demand increases. You can see sunglasses combined with eye power which is the latest development. It is more useful for drivers with high power with sight and who want to go with the current fashion.

You will find various styles of glasses online. They differ in the shape of your face, the size of your eyes, and your interests. If you want to look at the kind of sunglasses available, you can go through Scheyden sunglasses online. The demands of people change as time passes. The brands are also trying to meet the unique choices of the customers and coming up with new styles.

If you are a fashion enthusiast and closely observe the variation in trends, you can notice how eyewear is changing continuously. The new developments are the shape of sunglasses. They come in rectangle, circular, oval, and hexagonal shapes.

Trends In Choosing Eyewear Of Different Generations


Every eyewear has a different story. Similarly, every generation has a unique choice in selecting the eyewear style. Here is how the choices of sunglasses are in various generations or sectors of people.

1. The Millennials

Millennials are the foremost customers of any brand. From food to styling, they will show a huge impact. All other ages are also inspired by the fashion sense of Millennials.

Popular brands globally are working continuously to meet the expectations of these tech people. Currently, you can see sunglasses with eye power. It is first introduced on demand from Millennials.

Because they do dual help by providing the correct vision and matching with their fashion lifestyle. Various brands now offer eyewear with a blue light filter which protects the eye from harmful effects.

Most of the Millennials will be working in tech industries. It involves continuous exposure to screens. The screen timing is also gradually increasing. So, these blue-light filter features protect harmful blue rays from entering the eyes.

2. The Gen Z

Gen Z are the latest customers of the market. They also have unique preferences for sunglasses. So, the brands respond by providing modified styles according to their preference. They are coming with more colors and designs to make their unique impression on Gen Z.

Gen Z shows more consciousness of the environment. Hence brands are providing eco-friendly glasses made from bamboo and wood.

3. The Seniors

Though most of the focus is on younger generations, the brands have not neglected the satisfaction rate of seniors. They often provide advanced lenses that give vision corrections most required by seniors. It is a common problem for ages forty and above. The focus is on comfort and functioning. They are doing it without compromising on style and customer preference.

4. Sporty Spice

For those interested in fitness and sports, brands are introducing sunglasses with sporty benefits. They have additional grip, durability, and UV protection.

Eyewear Trends For Millennials


The most common trend among the Millennials now is the clear frame. It involves wearing sunglasses with a clear and transparent frame. The other important option is aviator glasses. It consists of sunglasses and power with a classic aviator frame.

The latest trend among the Millennials is cat-eye. It has glasses, including power, with a cat-eye frame. It elevates the cheekbones of the person. Another popular trend is geometric glasses. It involves wearing glasses of different shapes, like hexagons and octagons.

Eyewear Trend For Gen Z

One of the most popular trends is to have oversize glasses. It involves using glasses with large frames. Those frames cover most portion of your face. The other popular trend is colored lenses. It will have bold and bright colors such as yellow and blue.

Gen Z is also enjoying vintage frames like round and oval-shaped glasses. They also prefer unique designs like wrap-around and shield glasses.

Choosing Right Glasses

The shape of the face plays an important role while choosing the right sunglasses. You must choose one such frame that shows your natural features and look. Though there are unique styles available in the market, you must stick to those shapes that suit your face.

There are angular frames like rectangular, and square-shaped. These match perfectly for round shape faces. To soften your features round or oval-shaped glasses are good. It is a perfect match for square shape faces.

If your face is heart shape, you must choose sunglasses with a wider bottom to balance the narrow chin.

The Future Of Sunglasses



The eyewear industry is constantly developing. One of the most exciting developments is 3D technology in sunglasses. These are creating a good market, and sales are also increasing rapidly.

Most individuals wear sunglasses while driving. So, the brands are trying to include GPS and voice recognition features. In addition to it, sunglasses are useful for specific activities. For example, you can use polarized eyewear for water activities.

For outdoor activities, there are sport glasses with wraparound frames. They provide more protection and firmness. You will hear that eyewear with color lenses will give more protection from UV rays than clear lenses.

But it is not true always. The color of lenses does not define the protection level of UV rays. You have to look for lenses labeled as UV protection in colored and clear lenses.


The eyewear industry is developing with the increase in technology. Various sunglasses are available from different brands for all age groups. Gen Z’s up-to-date nature has pressured brands to be unique daily.

Whether you are a Gen Z, millennial, or any other generation, there is a wide range of eyewear styles and trends. But choose according to face shape to reflect your natural features.

Choose a frame that will suit you and make you stand out from the crowd. Make your own fashion statement, and don’t let that eyewear decrease your confidence and make you uncomfortable.

Explore the unique and latest frames and designs irrespective of age.