Gothic Engagement Rings Are a Trend Now and Here is What to Look For

You might be surprised to hear that there is some other choice for an engagement ring than the classic white diamond with a silver, gold, or platinum band. Well, the new trends that are introducing the goth style are keeping the focus of the engagement rings on the diamonds, but they bring that different vibe.

The Gothic style has been popular back in the ‘90s, and for that matter, it has been a huge part of it. Inspired by the ‘90s fashion trends come back, the Gothic style is also making a comeback. It reflects not only in the fashion choices but in the jewelry department too.

The Gothic engagement diamonds rings are currently one of the most demanded and popular pieces, and these 6 trends prove that. If you are looking for this type of ring, these are some styles that are popular and demanded.

Rose-cut diamonds

The rose-cut diamonds have been a very popular antique style back in the 1700s. However, it has made a comeback today and has become one of the most demanded types of unusual engagement rings. This special cut is quite extraordinary since it gives the diamond a deeper color with a surface sparkle.

Rustic diamonds

Rustic diamonds have become popular since the trend includes the color of the stones. With this type of ring, you will get natural darker diamonds, that are different than the traditional ones. They are pretty unique and extraordinary!

Black diamonds

Black diamonds have always been present in the jewelry scene. For those looking to break the tradition with the engagement ring, this is an excellent choice. There are lots of styles, cuts, settings, that can deliver the perfect black diamond Gothic engagement ring.

Victorian vintage

The moody and the dark colors and styles are what best describe this strange era. However, it has been an inspiration for many styles. The engagement rings in this category do not hold a blinding diamond. On the contrary, the best option is a ring with a ruby or a sapphire stone.

Tarnished metals

The tarnished metals provide an old look to the jewelry. For the rings, this is best described through the vintage and heirloom pieces. The new trend of tarnished metal diamond rings puts the band on the spot, looking oxidized and old, while the diamond tone remains shiny.