Why Diamonds Are Used For Engagement Rings

In movies and pop culture, they rarely show an engagement ring without diamonds. It’s because when you talk about engagement rings, you need to talk about diamonds. When it comes to engagements and marriage, a diamond ring is the most famous icon that represents it.

If you’re married or engaged, you probably have a sparkling diamond on the engagement ring shining on your finger. If you’re single but looking to get married, you probably want to buy a diamond on your engagement ring or receive one from your partner.

However, why are they used for engagement rings? When did people start asking for diamonds on their engagement rings? If these are questions you’re wondering about, too, this article will let you know how diamonds became the absolute icon for marriage and engagement rings.

Engagements in the early history

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The use of engagement rings can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt. Back then, Egyptians would give reed rings to symbolize marriage. Why the ring finger? Because people believed that the ring finger had a vein connected directly to the human heart.

Over time, this age-old tradition spread worldwide, with countries developing engagement ring customs for themselves. For example, in the US, men would give thimbles to women. After the marriage, the top should be cut off, so they can wear it as a ring.

From these traditions, we got to where we are today, an age where diamonds on engagement rings are a marriage icon.

The first diamond engagement ring

Today, most people only know about diamonds as jewelry. However, back in history, when they were first discovered in India thousands of years ago, people utilized them as decorations and talismans to hold evil spirits back.

People also believed that diamonds “cure” diseases. They are being used for jewelry is a recent custom because it was only first used for jewelry for the first time about a thousand years ago.

Wondering who it was that started it? It was Archduke Maximilian of Austria who gave a diamond ring when he proposed to Mary of Burgundy. Since this event, the custom of diamond rings used for engagement and weddings began. Of course, it was a custom only popular for the upper class.

The world found the diamond reserves in South Africa in the 1870s. Since then, diamonds have become more popular for everyone.

One of the biggest reasons diamonds became so popular is company De Beers’ marketing campaign in 1947, with their famous slogan “a diamond is forever”. Due to this, more people started to value them even more and realize how beautiful they are and how a diamond is a brilliant way of symbolizing eternal love and marriage, especially since diamonds are known to “last forever”.

However, the diamonds in early history aren’t as beautiful and majestic as the diamond rings that you can see in all jewellery stores today. In the 14th century, diamonds used point cuts, a type of cut where the octahedral crystal faces were polished to produce even facets. In the 15th century, the pointcut became the norm. From the point cut, jewellers came up with the emerald cut diamond, heart, pear, princess, modern round, and other diamond shapes widely recognized today.

Why diamonds

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Diamonds are seen as symbols of everlasting love today. But, back in the day, it wasn’t such a wholesome thing that they symbolize. In the past, diamond rings were actually a symbol of ownership.

Yes, ownership. Not love. When men give rings to their wives, it means the husband owns the wife. But, times have changed for the better because diamonds are now a universal sign of love and long-term commitment.

So, when you’re planning to propose to your partner, you don’t have to worry about offending her by giving her an engagement ring. You’ll make her happy with a diamond ring.

Diamonds throughout the years

Back then, it used to be that people could only get diamonds in limited shapes, cuts, and sizes. Now, you can have a wider variety of choices when looking for a diamond ring. jewelers now offer an endless number of varieties of shapes, colors, and cuts.

With this variety of choices, if you’re looking for an engagement ring for your partner, you can go for a more personalized ring. For example, if your partner is old-fashioned, you can get a classic white diamond in a round brilliant cut. If she’s a modern bride, you can go for a wilder choice that features more unique cuts. You can even get a coloured diamond ring for her!

What engagement rings are today

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Engagement rings can be found in any culture, regardless of where you are. But, of course, the custom of engagement rings has greatly changed compared to traditions before. Now, people are comfortable going away from old traditions and giving them a more modern, personal touch.

Society has moved so far now. All kinds of love are accepted and celebrated. It also means the customs on engagement rings and what they symbolize has moved on.

From simple designs, you can now get flashy, colourful diamonds for your engagement ring if you want. Of course, you can still get that beautiful traditional diamond ring.

All diamond rings are great, but diamond engagement rings like the ones at Bejouled symbolize your everlasting love most beautifully and make your partner happy.