Get Plumper Lips from Home With These Great Products

Moment of truth, we all want plump lips.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want luscious lips that naturally make any man swoon when they walk past? But for years, getting plumper lips seemed near impossible unless you underwent surgery or spent a ton of money on questionable cosmetics.

However, that has all changed now! Thanks to unique brands like SBLA, you can get plumper lips at home with trusted products that have proven results!

Today’s lip plumping products hydrate your lips in a lightweight manner, and you won’t even notice a thing—except for how fabulous your lips are looking all the time! There is a lip-plumping product out there that is perfect for you!

The real trick is just finding the one that suits you individually. So we’ve put together a little guide of the top things that make a great lip plumping product and which ones will be best for you.

So here are the products to consider when wanting to enhance your lips!

  1. An affordable lip plumper

You don’t have to spend thousands anymore to get delicious-looking lips. With pout plumping lacquer, you’ll get access to a hyaluronic acid formula that can give you actual results without you having to break the bank. Plus, these also act as a neutral lip gloss as well, leaving your lips with a stunning shimmery finish. Talk about a deal!

  1. A tinted lip balm

Why not get a lip balm that can do it all? Hydrate, plump, and beautify your lips all at once? With a tinted lip balm product, your lips will be looking brighter, shinier, and eye-catching. It is also an excellent way to add a bit of neutral boost to your lip in a subtle manner when finishing off a particular look.

  1. A collagen serum

Collagen works wonders for your lips! So when looking for a product that will plump them up, try going for one with collagen in them. This way, all the little details like wrinkles and lines on your lips will be sorted out—making your lips looking softer, fuller, and more youthful. And don’t let the name “serum” deceive you, as the application is similar to that of a lip balm!

  1. A lip mask

There are face masks, neck masks, and now there are lip masks too! Why not give your lips the treatment they deserve and plump them up while giving them a boost of hydration all at once? These lip masks are super easy to use and you only need to leave the mask on for fifteen or so minutes to see excellent results!

  1. A plumping lipstick

Yes, you read this correctly. There is now lip plumping lipstick available to you too! These types of products give your lips a stunning plump texture while also working behind the scenes to smooth them out as if they were a gloss. A great way to multitask when doing your look for that date night or special event!

  1. A plumping treatment with sunscreen

Yes, your lips need sunscreen too! Possibly one of the most fragile areas of skin, it is always a great idea to ensure your lips are protected too. So why not go for a lip plumping product that also comes lined with SPF as well? You will be giving your lips all the good stuff in one go!

Getting luscious-looking plump lips is more accessible and more affordable than you might think! From lip gloss to lip masks, there is a range of lip products designed for you to use at home to get the plump result you are after!