Create Your Perfect Summer Look With ASOS

There is no need to call up summer from the bottom of the stairs. The warmest season of the year has been radiating roasting heat and good vibes for quite a while. Some people talk about summer dormancy. But those people ought to be at least a century old. Most human beings are rushing at full throttle to grab hot summer picks at even hottest ASOS’s coupon codes here. Who stays in when summer is nearing its peak? The warmest season of the year is the best time for a backyard barbeque, noisy poolside parties, and long-for vacations at the seaside. And there is one more thing to add. Shopping for summer looks is also a must-have activity to pursue in summer. Trendy summer fashion awaits you at ASOS in discernible impatience.

What makes fashion brands split hairs every time it comes to blueprint drawings for new summer designs is one stone-cold fact. People want to look their best in summer. Since you wear little clothing, it is important to elaborate on outfits. They are expected to carry out some sort of rescue mission. The goal is to lay the background for a cheerful smile that is expected to embellish the face whenever you take a look at yourself in a tall mirror. The person the mirror reflects must stand in all her splendor throughout the summer.

Tips to create your perfect summer look with ASOS


The hottest season of the year radiates heat in all meaning. Let’s focus on the figurative one. Along with the masses of scorching heat, summer brings hot fashion picks. Though outfits for the hot season change from year to year, there are a few rules of the thumb that remain inert. We can ask mathematics to help us draw an analogy to gain a better understanding of the matter. Some fashion features are independent variables. No matter what twists and turns summer outfits take, they have to comply with some essential requirements. You will find general tips below that will help you to make sure that a brand-new piece of summer fashion you are to get at ASOS and then successfully introduce to your closet is likely to bring you joy.

1. Dark-colored clothes suit outdoor activities after sunset only

It is about time you refreshed from knowledge of physics from the school curriculum. If doing research connected with physics is how you bring home bacon, you don’t need to read this chapter. You already know what kind of story it is about to narrate.

Have you ever wondered why solar panels are dark? They could have made them light blue or dazzlingly white. But they didn’t! It is dark color that absorb heat. Even if you put on an organic cotton black tee, it is the black part that will put a spoke in the wheel of your comfort.

It is best if your summer garments are the deepest hue of aquamarine. They could also be greenish-yellow in color. Whatever color pleases lives up to your aesthetic values, look for lighter and brighter tones when shopping for hot-weather clothing.

At ASOS, you can narrow down the search by clicking on the “Summer” entry in the main navigation menu. The store has assembled a selection of fashion pieces that work best for torrid days and serene nights. You can further narrow down the search by color to distill only those items that please the eye and reflect more light.

2. May the fabric take a deep breath


Whatever you wear on a sweltering summer day becomes either your faithful ally or mortal foe. Synthetic is the last thing you may even think about putting on. You may grab some raincoat of course if they forecast that sheets of rain will slant across the place you are likely to fetch up. But this is the only exception to the rule. And the rule goes as follows. A breathable fabric must prevail.

As long as it is light, thin, and all-natural, you are going to feel your best even in the scorching heat. The variety of choices is vast. You can go for organic cotton, silk, linen, and Merino wool. That’s right. You can wear even what seems to be fitting freezing-to-the-bone winter only. Merino wool is nowadays the top pick for performance apparel. It provides excellent ventilation and breathability.

At ASOS, the prevailing majority of summer items are made of linen. There is no wonder why they put a premium on this fabric. It just scores best on the aspects that we find as the most crucial ones to stay in comfort on hot days. Linen delivers breathability, moisture-wicking, and ventilation.

3. It isn’t a surprise for you: more dresses are better

And not just dresses should be your concern. Take aim at skirts and tops before setting off to refresh your collection of summer styles. But let’s generalize and refer to dresses and skirts alike by using the word “dress”.

A dress is by far the best choice for summer. A dress is the only type of clothing that can handle heat waves and not even flinch. If made of linen or organic cotton, a dress makes you feel cool without being naked. Should the design make a perfect match with your body shape, a dress feels free without overwhelming your silhouette.

To say that ASOS’s collection of summer dresses is immense is to considerably underestimate the variety of product assortment. ASOS offers a wide spectrum of dresses and skirts of all sizes, colors, body fit, styles, and types. You can find an occasional dress for everyday wear or a tantalizing summer garment for special occasions, including weddings.

4. Leather sandals are a shoe base


If you can name a better type of footwear to use for summer, go ahead. We would like to watch you push forward your arguments. It would be a desperate, futile struggle to downplay sandals. You could have succeeded by citing sandals made of some synthetic material as an example. But once it comes to leather ones, they get the upper hand just like that.

Sandals make a perfect tandem with dresses. You can mix and match shoes with tops, bottoms, dresses, skirts, pants, and even hats as much as you like. What makes sandals such a powerful option is the fact that this type of footwear is specifically designed for hot weather. No way can you dip the toe into summer with greater pleasure than by stepping into leather sandals.

ASOS’s line-up of sandals is vast. You can keep the styles classic or go for platform ones. The latter suits office and business styles best. It is the best way to add some height without compromising on comfort on a hot day. Use the “Leather/Non-Leather” filter to distill leather sandals. May your shopping session be fruitful.

5. Jeans should be laid off

Denim bears a strong resemblance with heavy armament in the military world. In the field of fashion, denim is one of the heaviest materials. Even the thinnest denim shorts or pants will make you bathe in your own sweat. You may somehow alleviate the feeling of hell by getting distressed jeans. But even those holes, tears, and raptures won’t save the day, especially if that day greets us with boiling sun.

Ditching denim is a terrible struggle. We all love jeans for their ability to withstand time and pressure for years. Yet it is better if your jeans are steeped in summer-long slumber. Linen or organic cotton thin pants will willingly replace your jeans. You can pair pants with leather sandals to ensure excellent ventilation.

ASOS’s summer collection offers oversized linen pants. The concept of wide-leg pants stands for double breathability. It isn’t just the fabric that allows body heat to escape but also the size of pants that provides for ventilation. In the line-up of ASOS’s pants, high-waisted models stand out. They allow you to combine pants with a tantalizing top and leave the tummy and lower back exposed.


Final words

Spiking humidity says a big no-no to thick denim. Sweltering heat presents itself as an airtight argument against tight clothing. Whatever synthetic garments you have in the closet, let them stay in till the end of hot days. The same goes for the footwear that doesn’t have micro holes for ventilation. Leather sandals are a synonym for breathability. This type of shoe matches every summer pick, be it beachwear, a party dress, or a business outfit. Dresses should dominate the summer closet. And they had better be light-colored. ASOS’s hot summer picks will cover all your needs in outfits for sweltering weather. Use summer-hot promotions to buy ASOS’s summer offerings on a special.