The Most Stylish Combination of Rings and Bracelets for Women

Rings and bracelets go very well together. Think of it – you could have jewellery all the way up your arm if you wanted to! This article will go into the different ways you can go about combining rings and bracelets. Who knows – you might find yourself an entirely new way of wearing jewellery!


What Colours do you Want?


What colours do you want in your jewellery? You can get a variety of colour from precious and semi-precious stones, of course. Remember that different metals are also an option for colour. You should remember this if you are going to use signet rings in your combinations.

There is a lot you can do with colours. You can either mix or match, or you can do everything the same. The only limit to what you can do is your imagination (or what is practical, of course).

Pick your Stones and Metals

You need to pick what stones and metals you want to have. Do you want to go with the classics, or have something a little different? We can offer you any kind of rings and bracelets that you might want.pick-your-stones-and-metals

The second part of this is choosing how your combinations will actually combine. Are you going to have the same thing on bracelet and ring? Or are you going to mix it up a little? Just think – you could have a silver ring with gold inlay, and then a gold bracelet with a silver inlay. That would keep a theme going, but with a twist.

What Kind of Jewellery Will you Have?

This is a very important question! What will your jewellery look like? You should ask yourself what it’s for. If you will be wearing this combination all day every day, then something a bit toned down would be more appropriate. If you are buying some combinations for a night out on the town, then go for broke!

So, choose if you want fancy or every day. Choose if you want something like titanium or rhodium. Make sure that everything is exactly the way you want it.

How Much do you Want?

Are you going to have one ring plus one bracelet, or are you going to go for glory and have more? Plenty of bracelets are stackable, so you can have more than one if that’s what you want.


This also applies to rings. Are you going to have one ring as a focal point, or are you going to have several? Having more than one ring gives you the opportunity to have more colour combinations, remember. You could have one gold ring and one silver ring, and then a combination of bracelets.

Do you want Decoration?


A lot of rings and bracelets are plain, but you need to think about decoration. Do you want some? Plain rings and bracelets can look very nice, but sometimes you just want more. Decorations and inlays can take any piece of jewellery and make it special. Remember that engraving is possible too!

There is so much you can do with decorations on your jewellery. The only limit you should observe is that too much decoration can get in the way of stackable jewellery. For example, if you have a wavy bracelet, it might not sit right with other bracelets. Other than that, go for broke!