How to Care for a Curly Natural Wig?

Do you think wavy hair is lusty? We agree with this statement. It does happen that a woman is blessed with good looks and completely straight hair that does not retain a curly form no matter what she does. In this case, a wig could be of help in this case. The romantic outfit is easily achieved with this accessory, and you can be sure to have lasting heartbreakers regardless of rainy days and other factors that could make them straight.

Of course, it is important to choose a quality human hair wig and know the storage precautions. You should care for it in a particular way. If you do not know the requirements, read this article to the end. We are going to tell you how you are expected to groom your naturally curly hair wig.

How to wash the curly natural wig?


You should wash a wig just as you wash your own hair. It is clear that the hair of a wig gets dirty slowly compared with your head, but still, it needs cleaning because it absorbs smells and accumulates dust and oils while you are wearing it. Use special sulfate-free shampoos and apply conditioners. You should have access to running water to rinse the wig thoroughly. And it is vital to use a will be easier if your wigs are short,short wigs are easy to wash.


You should buy the appropriate hair preparation so that the procedure cannot cause damage to a wig. Among the key recommendations is refusing hair care products containing alcohol, which makes the hair dry and fractured.

Just remember how you feel when you apply products with such ingredients when you wash your natural hair. Have you had such an experience? If you have, you are aware of the consequences. In the case of a wig, the effect will be exactly the same. The hair becomes less flexible and you will be disappointed with the haircut after such washing. So, rule number one is to avoid hair care products with alcohol.

Before you start washing, take your wig and comb it, removing possible tangles. Place a wig on a steady stand or start combing from the end of the strands, slowly raising up. We mean that you should comb the lowest section of a strand moving from up to down, then pass on to the upper section and repeat the process, including the previously polished ends.

Combing should be performed in a gentle manner in order not to damage a wig. For that very reason, you’d better refuse to use a standard brush that is able to fixate a wrong curl in such a steady way that you’ll hardly be able to undo it.

Thus, if your purpose is to keep the initial curls or waves that you like and choose when buying a wig, you should find a gentle comb to cope with the tangles and divide strands but still keep the shape unchanged. In order to achieve this result, there should be quite a large distance between the teeth of a comb. Following our recommendations, you will not ruin the curls.



As we have mentioned, the wig should be washed regularly, but the regularity of washing depends on the intensity of usage and the types of hair care products you apply. The experts recommend washing a wig every two weeks or at least once a month. And it should always be washed before storage.

Start a procedure by wetting your wig with running water, which should be at room temperature. Avoid using hot water. You are to soak the cap first and continue with the ends of the strands.

You remember that before washing, the hair was combed, so there is no need for a comb at this stage. In other words, do not comb a wig when it is wet if you do not want to cause a straightening effect.

Now take a previously prepared shampoo. It is understood that it should not be meant to straighten the hair, of course. Again start with the cap, washing the hair on the top of the wig moving to the ends piece by piece.

When you cover all the wig with shampoo and thoroughly but gently rub it, you can rinse it with running water. Again, use the water at room temperature and ensure that all soapy residuals are rinsed off. Do it several times.

Then apply some hydrating conditioner to get the brilliant shining and high quality of your wig. Also, you can use a special wig balm. All these hair care products should be thoroughly rinsed off after their impact.

Ensure that a wig still has its curls


When the wig is clean and free of all hair care products, you should restore the curls it has or you want it to have. You should accurately split the wet hair into sections.

The volume of every section depends on the type of curls you want to get. If you prefer waves, they should be bigger. If you want to have ringlets, they should be rather thin.

Take every section and wrap it around your finger or something like it to support the idea of curls. Do not keep it for a long time in its wrapped condition or fix it somehow. Just style your wig in the way you like it.


It’s time to dry your wig up. Indeed, you should dry it several times during the process. It is vital because the excess water makes the hair heavier and it will be prone to straightening. So:

  1. When you rinse the wig finally, you should take a soft towel and remove the excess water. You should not rub the hair but wrap the wig with a towel and tap it several times until the fabric absorbs obvious water.
  2. When you restore the curls by processing wet hair, place the wig on a stand, put on a net to fix the curls, and leave it to dry up naturally.

When you want to speed up the process, use the blow dryer, choosing the settings for a low temperature. It is very important. Don’t fall prey to the temptation of switching on the hot air option. Otherwise, you will damage the hair cuticles and reduce the lifespan of the wig. Using a hairdryer, start working from the cap. And only when it is dry, continue with the strands.

Remember that if you dry the wig upside down, you will make it puffier, which adds some volume.


A lasting result is possible!

After finishing all the above procedures, you will have a lovely curly or wavy wig. But will it retain this beauty for a long time? It is probably not likely to remain as it is for several days. Of course, the curls will continue, but they will be less intense. The perfect condition can be provided if you correctly store the wig.

You will need a cover made from delicate and natural fabric like satin to put it on the wig protecting it from moisture and dust in the air. However, you are expected to keep it on a dedicated stand or wig head and put a net on it to freeze the curls. That will help you to avoid being straightened by gravity.

If you leave your wig for longer than overnight, you should think of more reliable protection. Place your wig into a box or original packaging, folding it from ear to ear.

Well, these are all tips as of now. We are sure if you adhere to the above rules, your curly wig will retain its shape and appear as curly as you like when you try it on again after washing or some pause. The proper care will continue the lifespan of curly human hair wigs and that is critical as they are quite expensive.