Easy Summer Hairstyle 2024 To Do Yourself At Home Step By Step

Its summer, it’s hot, so it’s time for express hairstyles to get rid of the heat of our hair. The neck, the forehead, and the ears all these areas are just waiting to breathe in the subway or enjoy the refreshing air of the sea. The Body Optimist presents five ideas of summer hairstyles 2024 easy and fast to adopt!


Air! It’s a question of survival! In winter we appreciate our long hair that keeps warm our neck and our ears, but from the summer season started it’s quite the opposite. We even only want to cut them!


Hairstyle Ideas 2024 For The Summer

Rather than opt for the radical solution, hair hairstyles attached are very good anti-heat wave allies . Braids, buns, ponytails, headbands, scarves do you want here, we have plenty of choice to combine comfort and style all summer. Then draw your hairbrush and barrettes, it’s time to take inspiration from our selection of 5 simple and quick summer hairstyles.

# 1 The “octopus” bun

In the family of simple and (ultra) easy summer hairstyles, I call: the “octopus” bun! The hairstyle-styled hairstyles, like him, enthrall headlining summer hairstyles. And for good reason, without making head, they are ideal both in town and on the beach.


The chignon “octopus”, summer hairstyles which takes its name from small hair (legs) that exceed the bun, is super simple to achieve. Tie your hair over your skull, and presto the trick is (already) played! You are ready to face the hot summer heat.


# 2 The simple twist 2024

You have been promised hairstyles that can be achieved in a jiffy, here is one that is done more than quickly!


Just take a strand of hair and twist it around your finger to form a twist. The following? You choose according to your desires. Tie two twists behind your head or form a bun, or even a double bun. Simple, practical and, above all, pretty!


# 3 The ponytail 2024

Aaah the ponytail … a real timeless hairstyle! Tie your hair at the bottom of your neck for a (very) casual effect. It is also high and often wavy to give it a perfect wavy side for the summer.


Do not hesitate to accessorize with a scarf, or embellish your ponytail braids. And for you to play it less “classic”, opt for a ponytail with floors. A hairstyle that will surely make you feel!


# 4 The braid

Classic three-strand, crown, double braids, glued, mats or on the cob: what braid are you going to crack this summer? True star of the 2024 summer hairstyle 10 Ideal Herbal Shampoos For Hair Loss As well as Hair Growth, the braid is declining to infinity and has the coast this season still.


The most professional of us will choose the braid on the cob but if you do not have the patience to make a long braid, opt for the half-braid. Only ten centimeters or even less, just start at the base of the neck, twist a lock of your hair where you want to stop (or elastic) and leave the rest of your hair “free”. Very simple to realize, we understand why she has seduced more than one.


# 5 Essential Hairstyles Accessories 2024 of the Summer

Barrettes, ribbons, headbands, scarves, headbands, wreaths … the accessories to spice up your summer hairstyle are numerous.


In summer, the beach star is definitely the scarf or Silk Square. Mixed with a braid or a twist, wrapped around a bun or even simply tied way headband: the scarf fits in all our desires for summer hairstyles.


Hairstyle Ideas 2024 In Summer

And if you go soft on the seaside, do not deprive yourself of playing the sirens by daring the seashell barrettes!

Now it’s your turn! With this selection of summer hairstyles, say goodbye to the eternal question of the morning “how am I going to style today? “ Braids, buns, twists, ponytails, hair accessories … are safe values ​​to face the summer heat. Especially in addition to neutralize all of your hair with style, they can better protect your hair from the sun, the sea or even the wind.