6 Ways To Improve Your Boyfriend’s Style

Fashion is, plainly put, subjective. Everyone has their own preferred style and would often like to keep it that way. Sometimes, however, some old trends need to stay in the past. But what if your boyfriend still wears the same faded, baggy jeans from his college days and doesn’t intend to get rid of them?

Staying fashionable and updated with trends is a minor problem many women face. But it’s especially challenging when their partners don’t even try to dress up well. Going on dates with someone who looks like they just wore the first thing they saw can be pretty embarrassing.

Luckily, you have the power to help your significant other appear more attractive with your keen eye for fashion. If you’d like to improve your boyfriend’s style without hurting his feelings, check out these foolproof methods:

1. Upgrade His Accessories

Before you give your boyfriend’s closet a major overhaul, start small and go subtle. Try giving him fashionable accessories he’s likely to wear or bring often. Most men appreciate receiving gifts of new wallets, jewelry, or watches.

Take this opportunity to upgrade his old wallet into something more modern like a RidgeWallet. Give him minimalist bracelets or a necklace he can pair with most outfits. Add in a classy watch that suits both casual and formal occasions. If it’s a fancy gift from you that matches his personality, he’s bound to love it and wear it as much as possible.

2. Take Him Out On A Shopping Date

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Stereotypically, men don’t enjoy shopping for clothes as women do. But it’s because women usually do it while their partners usually sit and wait for them. So, instead of browsing rack after rack for new clothes for yourself, make it a day to shop for your boyfriend.

Avoid visiting the boutiques you frequent when shopping with and for your significant other. This way, you’ll focus more on your mission to update your boyfriend’s style. Go to men’s clothing shops or the men’s section of the department store to look for pieces that’ll suit him best. Make sure to be attentive when he gets out of the fitting room and let him know he looks great.

If he has a favorite shop, go there with him and try to find other clothes he wouldn’t usually wear. It makes for a perfect couple’s bonding activity, and you can learn more about each other’s fashion sense in the process. After purchasing the clothes for your partner’s new and improved wardrobe, you can cap off the day with a lovely dinner together.

3. Sort And Sell

You’ll find many outdated pieces and some your boyfriend might not even wear anymore when you’re overhauling his wardrobe. With his permission, pull out those old, outdated clothes and donate them. He might not like the idea of tossing away his favorite pair of worn-out clothes, but a bit of persuasion should do the trick. Tell him you’re doing this for spring cleaning, and he might be obliged to lend you a hand.

If some pieces are still in good condition, you could sell them through a garage sale or put up a listing online. Many people look for affordable, old clothing to wear or upcycle pieces into new outfits. You’ll most likely sell several pieces and earn some extra cash for more clothes shopping sprees. Your partner will have more space in his closet for the new clothes you just got him, and there’ll be fewer piles of unused shirts or pants.

4. Choose The Basics

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Men and women tend to buy stuff—especially clothes—they use only once or twice. As a result, they end up filling their closets with pieces that eventually get ignored or forgotten. If your boyfriend tends to have this habit, suggest that he create a capsule wardrobe after getting rid of clothes he no longer needs.

A capsule wardrobe is a compact but well-procured collection of clothes that utilizes essential and minimal pieces. The idea is to have a closet of a few clothing items as possible but enough to layer and make several outfits for any weather or occasion. The best part is that your boyfriend doesn’t need to spend a fortune on it. He can build a practical capsule wardrobe with thrift items alone.

Capsule wardrobes focus on neutral colors, like black, white, and brown, since these three work well with other colors. These colors are also timeless. If they looked great 10 years ago, they still will 10 years from now.

Other essential items in a man’s capsule wardrobe include the following:

  • Solid-colored and striped t-shirts
  • White or light blue oxford shirts
  • Neutral-colored polo shirts, sweaters, coats, and jackets
  • A couple of suits, one in navy blue and one in grey or black
  • A pair of leather shoes and a pair of white sneakers
  • Dark-colored and patterned ties
  • Pairs of neutral-colored no-show and crew socks

Keep in mind to pick a few pieces as possible, so as not to crowd the closet and steer clear of collecting too many clothes in bright colors. Less is more, as they say. And if your boyfriend has enough clothing to work with, he could create different outfits with them for every day of the year.

5. Get Him A Bespoke Suit

Even if you don’t expect your boyfriend to attend formal events often, it’s always great if he has a suit that fits him perfectly. Gone are the suit jackets that are too small or too large on him and whose colors have faded over the years. One tailor-made for him will last a good while for many a black-tie occasion.

Go to a tailor with your boyfriend, so he can take his measurements and choose his preferred fabrics and colors. Being there with him could help calm his nerves too, particularly if he’s not used to having clothes custom-made for him. After a few weeks, your significant other will have a brand-new suit for him to wear to fancy parties.

Bespoke suits are generally more expensive since they’re custom-made, but it’s a wise investment for your partner. You’ll benefit from it as well when you’re walking hand in hand with him while you’re wearing your best dress.

6. Encourage And Compliment Him

Source: thoughtcatalog.com

The best way to ensure that your boyfriend sticks with his new style is to cheer him on. There’s nothing more reassuring than having your loved one support you in a new endeavor, even if that means getting new clothes.

Always use positive words when commenting on your partner’s choice of outfits. If something looks off, try to explain things nicely. And remember, he’s the one wearing his clothes, not you. So, if he genuinely likes his outfit, even if it appears odd to you, praise him for the best parts. It could be the cut of his jacket or the shine on his shoes.

Why not incorporate other activities to make your boyfriend’s fashion escapades more enjoyable? You can help your partner mix and match pieces or watch movies about fashion together to further his knowledge. Positive reinforcement will also help him let go of his old and questionable fashion habits and embrace new ones that complement his personal style.


Upgrading your boyfriend’s style is a massive challenge, but it doesn’t have to stress both of you out. Allow him the freedom to choose his own clothes. No matter how good your intentions are, you’ll fall into arguments if you force him to do something he doesn’t like. Fashion is supposed to be a fun experiment, after all, and it’s even more exciting when you work together to bring out the best outward appearances.