Top Sunglass Styles for Summer

Summer is officially here. The sun is shining, the days are long, and the weather is warm.

There are many summer essentials to get you through the brightest time of the year, with one of the top priorities being sunglasses! Everyone should have their ultimate go-to pair of stylish sunnies that can go perfectly with every outfit. It is an accessory that completes every outfit while equally providing practical protection for your eyes.

Sunglasses now a day are so much more than just a basic tinted lens. In fact, the fashion world has elevated this summer accessory to become a real statement piece, with numerous styles to choose from depending on the activities you plan on wearing them for, the outfit you’re wearing, and your unique personality.

So how is one supposed to choose what type of sunglasses to invest in? Well, not to fear, as we’ve put together the ultimate style guide for the top sunglasses to wear this summer.

1. The classic aviator

Made famous by Tom Cruise in Top Gun (okay, maybe earlier than that, but he certainly helped!), the classic aviator sunglass style has been a staple summer look for decades. And they certainly haven’t gone out of style this year! Men and women alike can rock this look with both their weekend-casual look or at the beach—with the polarized lenses offering great UV protection.

 2. The geometric shapes 

Donning a more futuristic style, geometric-shaped sunglass frames are the perfect representation of the futuristic era we live in. They are super trendy this summer amongst celebrities and act as a staple accessory for anyone wanting to make a statement with their sunglasses.

3. The oversized sunglasses 

Big and bug-eyed sunglass frames have been in style for the last decade and certainly are here to stay this summer. They provide a privacy barrier for those wanting to hide from the paparazzi and are the perfect beach lounging pair to have on hand. The bigger, the better with oversized sunglasses!

 4. The cat-eye frames 

This style has come back from the dead and is here for anyone wanting to make a stylish statement this summer. Getting their name from the actual cat-eyed looks the frames produce is a bold way to take to the streets and provides a sense of old-school class to any outfit you decide to wear for the summer.

 5. The vintage sunglasses

Simple and elegant, the vintage sunglasses are another go-to this summer. They have a perfect circular frame and come in a range of classic colors that are soft, understated, and beautiful. They compliment the bright colors of summer outfits and warm weather while providing a bit of fun without being overbearing to the entire ensemble you’re rocking. The vintage sunglasses will never go out of style!

 6. The active sunglasses 

It’s summer, which means that you are hopefully spending much more time outside! And with that comes more outdoor sports, like long runs on the beach, tennis, golf, mountain biking, skateboarding…the list can honestly go on and on! So you’ll need to have a pair of sunglasses on hand for your active days outside in the sun, so you can still have functional protection and look stylish as well.

So what sunglasses will you be donning for the rest of summer? From the classic styles that never go out of style to the vintage looks that have made a comeback, there are so many different options to choose from! But no matter what one you do choose to wear, know your eyes will be protected in style, and your summer looks will be enhanced by this summer-essential accessory.